Oh, hey there friends! Yikes – remember me?!? Just when I thought I had “caught up” enough from our end-of-school year and pre-move chaos to settle into a somewhat steady blogging routine, a few unexpected hiccups and a massive energy deficit kept me away from the computer longer than I intended. Who knew that trying to relocate your family across the country AND get as settled as possible at 34 weeks pregnant would be so exhausting, tough, and long…and did I mention exhausting? I never really have my act together enough to blog in “real time”; but as you can probably figure out by now, we have successfully left California and moved into our new home in Virginia. The dust has settled enough, so to speak, that I am ready and antsy to get back to posting here more regularly. But before I do, I thought I would quickly catch you up on our life lately!

Fairwell California!

About a month ago, me and the little boys flew across country to Virginia, while Greg remained behind in California to oversea the pack out and send our truck on its way east. He then drove across country by himself to meet us here. In the 14 years we’ve been doing this moving gig, we’ve never, ever split up. We tend to always make the journey to our next duty station a family adventure with lots of stops and memories along the way. However, the thought of spending a week+ driving across country so late in my pregnancy didn’t seem fun or safe. Plus, by me coming out early, we were able to execute our first ever door-to-door move. This means our items were never placed in storage and the truck was able to drive directly from our old home to our new home. Not only does this reduce the likelihood of items breaking or going missing, but it also significantly decreased the usual hassle and stress that comes with such a huge relocation.

Splitting up certainly wasn’t ideal, but this has been one of our most seamless transitions ever (which we REALLY needed because…well…baby is coming soon!) and was absolutely the right call this time around. We also did a TON of prep work to get ready for this move (more than we usually do) so that the unpacking would go as smoothly as possible. I’m happy to report that all the time and effort paid off big time, so I’ll be detailing some of the best moving tricks we used this time in a future post!

Hello Virginia!

One of the biggest benefits to moving to Virginia is that both Greg and I have a ton of family in the local area. Good thing too, because we’ve really needed help this time. While Greg was back west packing up, I was ahead in Virginia, measuring out furniture layouts, brainstorming organization solutions, painting boys’ bedrooms and even hanging wallpaper. (Don’t worry – my college-aged nephew did almost all the high and heavy work, so baby and I were safe and sound the whole time!) I hate that I pretty much spent the full three years back in California trying to get the whole house “done,” only to finish and take final photos the same week I was leaving town. This time around, I am am on a mission to get setup, settled in and decorated as efficiently as possible. As such, I arrived with paints and wallpapers and fabrics already picked out for most of the house (I’ll be sharing more design boards and plans coming up here soon!) My nephew and I made tremendous progress before our moving truck even arrived. Then two weeks after we received our household goods, my super handy sister and brother-in-law came out to help us hang shelves, lights, art, organizing systems, curtains and so much more! We have never been so settled just 2 weeks after moving in and my anxiety about brining a baby home to a house in chaos is dwindling with each day!

Speaking of Baby!

Speaking of Baby, I will be 34 weeks this weekend, and so far everything is progressing quite smoothly….thank goodness! Undergoing a huge move and life transition this far along in pregnancy has not only been hard and exhausting but also a little nerve-wracking. Even though this isn’t my first rodeo, I was taken aback at how anxious I was flying so late in pregnancy and being between medical providers for a few weeks. I am beyond thankful there were no emergencies and baby boy is growing just as he should be. With most of our house now up and running, I am really excited to turn my full attention to the nursery and get it ready for his arrival in the next month or so! (You can see my plan for the nursery here! Spoiler: I went with the light blue on the walls and we all LOOOOOOOVE it! Can’t wait to show you!)

Coming Up On the Blog!

As you can tell, we’ve been quite the busy (and did I mention exhausted?) little bees these last few weeks. And while I am so darn antsy to start showing you our new house (that I love love love!), I really want to close out the few rooms and projects from California before I do so. So…in the next few weeks, I’ll still be posting our California home, and will also share some more about our transition east. Once I get California wrapped up, I’ll give you the full “before” tour of our new Virginia home and start diving into the room projects and progress we’ve already made! I really can’t wait to show you, but first things first 😉

Thank You!

I do want to thank you for your patience as I neglected my usual posting schedule these last few months. I really had good intentions to keep the wheel spinning and even had content ready to go. Truth be told though, I’ve been really surprised not just how physically exhausted I’ve been, but also how much of my brain “bandwidth” has been swallowed up from all the various balls we’re juggling right now. Between the logistics of moving, being pregnant, trying to find/register for doctors, schools, etc and get our boys settled, I’ve been mentally and emotionally tapped out without much left to give. Just the thought of trying to write coherent sentences for a blog post felt insurmountable, and I knew focusing solely on getting the house settled would help reduce the overwhelm. I was right, because as I sit here now without a single box in our new home and curtains hung on (almost all) the windows, I am excited and energized to be writing this post (and cueing up posts for next week!)

I wish I could say that everything will be normal from here on out. But we’ve got Baby #3 coming in another month or so, and I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t completely terrified nervous about juggling three young boys and my business. Until he arrives, I will do my best to be here on Tuesdays and Fridays…and then we’ll figure it out from there 🙂

I hope you’re all having a wonderful summer so far! I’ll see you back here next week with that long-awaited tutorial on how I made the labels for my craft room baskets! See you then!

See You Soon!