In the past, I have not so successfully created a flow through the entire house and have also been known for some, let’s just say, “dramatic” color choices (see evidence here and here!) 😉 This time around, I promised my husband no abrasively colored walls, more “neutrals,” and a more sophisticated end result! All of these things, though, can’t happen quickly or with just one trip to the paint and fabric stores. This type of result requires planning, research, and a lot of samples!
During our transition from VA to NC, we spent 7 weeks living in what we call “temporary lodging” waiting for our house to be ready. Yes, you read that right: 7.long.weeks. living in a one-room hotel room with a one-year-old. What this meant was that when baby slept, we all “slept,” or in my case, I planned and planned and planned. I picked up paint swatches daily, ordered samples from, and scoured Pinterest for ideas. While the baby slept and I was held prisoner at the computer, I assembled Inspiration Boards for our entire house! Not only was this a great way to fill my time, but it really allowed us to get into the house and get moving in a “decoration direction” fairly quickly.
I showed you all my paint colors on Monday, but today I am going to show you all my fabrics and “inspiration images” to go with each of those paint colors!

Let’s get started!

The living room is the main living space in our house. It’s a huge room that will double as both a family room and playroom. We have lots and lots of projects planned for this space, and we have already made some new furniture purchases (a new couch!). Here’s where we are going with this space:
Book slings
Upholstered ottoman
Basic throw pillows
Paint-chip herringbone art
Dresser turned media center
Learning center for Henry
Chalkboard play table for Henry
Floor cushions
Cornice window treatments
New seating!
The Dining Room is adjacent to the Living Room, so I really wanted the colors to flow from one to the other while still having a distinct feel. Here’s where we are going with this room!

Chair rail and two-color paint job
Modern State prints
Cornic Boxes
Dark Dining Room Furniture
White lacquer accents
We have fondly begun calling the Office/Craft Room the “Cr-office” 🙂 Between the computer and all the craft supplies, we envision a lot of time being spent in this rom. When I stumbled upon the P Kaufmann St. Thomas fabric in a local store, I knew it was just the look for this room. I am really excited about making this a gender-neutral, ultra-functional space for both Greg and I to be productive. 
A craft counter with two work stations
Large memo boards and calendars to keep track of projects
Clever fabric and notion storage
For the time being, we are going to keep the owl theme in the baby’s room. Eventually, as he gets older or gets a sibling, we will re-decorate this room. We intentionally picked neutral walls and a green ceiling, because we feel those colors can be worked into other design palettes. We are going to update some of his more “babyish” stuff for him by bringing in more of the geometric patterns and less of the owls.
Sleek window treatments
Simple owl artwork
Book slings or shelves
Whimsical gallery wall
We are very much craving a calm, soothing bedroom space. The walls are now painted but we have a long way to go to transfer our old bedding and furniture into the more serene look we are going for. Although not high on the priority list (other projects must get done first), we are both ready for an updated bedroom, hopefully before Christmas!
Roman shades
Light painted French Provincial dresser
Crisp and clean bedding
Wall-paper decal wall treatment
Last but not least, we envision spending A LOT of time outside (once it cools down, of course!). We have a cute yellow house, and are excited to create a bright and preppy outdoor space for neighbors and kids to gather and play.

Bright red bench
Outdoor drink holders
New outdoor chairs
Firewood carrier
Colored planters
Toy and beverage storage
After looking at a lot of paint and fabric samples and tons of “pins” online, I am really pleased with and excited about the direction we are going in our new home. I really worked hard to create a flow through the entire house, mostly by using greys, blues, and greens in each room; but also gave each room a distinct direction and personality. 
With the paint on the wall and all the fabric ordered and delivered, I guess it’s time for me to get crackin!
Have a great weekend everyone!
See You Soon!