WOWZA – today is a big, big day!

IHeart Organizing
Jen, over at IHeartOrganizing, is featuring my Magnetic Menu Board as one of her “Reader Space” features! Somebody pinch me!  I am a huge, huge fan of Jen’s blog, and am constantly pinning her organizing ideas for inspiration!  I am beyond thrilled with this opportunity, so..
“THANK YOU,” Jen for this amazing opportunity 
“WELCOME” to any new readers that have clicked on over!
I hope you’ll stay a minute, have a look around, and maybe you’ll find something you like!
If you’re looking for my Magnetic Menu Board posts, they are here:

While many of my projects are more crafts and decor than organization…I am a huge sucker for anything labeled, color-coded, and packed away nice and tidy!  So in the spirit of organizing, I thought I would link up some of my favorite organizing projects from the past few months – see them all after the jump!

One of my favorite projects is my Rings o’ Ribbon – a unique way to store ribbon!
I am helping my sister make over her daughter’s tiny bedroom! We maximized storage space by using IKEA kids storage! There’s more pictures of this tween’s room storage!

I currently have the biggest laundry room I, personally,  have ever seen/had, so I morphed it into my craft cave!  I have lots of fun craft room storage ideas here!

Lastly, because I can’t leave anything un-touched and slapping a plain white label on things just isn’t my style…I used vinyl to make some cute labels for my baby’s outgrown clothes!  

Again, thanks to Jen for hosting me on her wonderful site! If you’re stopping by for the first time…welcome and enjoy!

I’ll be back tomorrow with my baby’s monster onesie outfit he wore for his birthday party! See you then!

See You Soon!