Now that all the Christmas packages are open, I can FINALLY post pictures of everything I’ve been cranking away over the past month!  It was a very homemade Christmas–all my gifts were inspired from the Sew4Home web site! I just love all the projects featured there, and all the patterns and instructions are free!!! It made for a very economical and convenient Christmas of crafting!
First project up: the scarves I made for my sister, her daughter, and her daughter’s doll!
I started with my holiday fabric, and picked out all my turquoise and red prints, as my gift recipients’ winter coats are red and turquoise–what luck!  I added a few rectangles of minky for warmth and texture.  Here’s where I started:
I followed the instructions found here almost exactly.  Based on the reviews, I chose not to use batting on the inside, as I thought it would make the scarf too stiff.  Instead, I used flannel on the inside of the adult scarf to add structure and warmth.  Turns out, I didn’t like that much either!  For the other two scarves, I didn’t include anything on the inside, and they turned out just fine!  The only other change I made from the original pattern was that I only put pom-poms on the end of the scarf versus the whole edge.  
Here is where I ended up!
3 scarves in 3 different sizes!  The adult size follows the original pattern with 8 rectangle lengths (for one side that is…total of 16 rectangles front and back). For the child scarf, I used 6 rectangle lengths (12 rectangles front and back), but kept the width the same as the adult version.  To make the doll scarf, I used 6 rectangles lengths (12 front and back) to match the kid scarf…each rectangle measured 2″x4″.
 They were very simple and quick – and so much fun to put together, especially using such fun fabrics in neat combinations!  Come Christmas morning, I think they were a big hit!
You can see my other 2011 homemade gifts here:
See You Soon!