It’s Toolbox Tuesday friends! And today’s download is extra exciting because it is the final installment of The Family HUB! These newest pages are designed to help you keep track of your family’s holiday traditions, recipes, decorations, ideas, and more. They are such a simple and efficient way to record everything you usually do (or want to do!) for each occasion, so no special detail gets overlooked or forgotten…all year long!

Holiday Planning Printables

What Is The Family HUB?

Introducing The Family HUB – the ultimate, customizable home management system. This expansive, 16-part printable system includes worksheets and trackers for every area of your life and home from cleaning and home maintenance, to emergency plans, pet care, meal planning, travel, and more. See the bottom of this post for all the coordinating pages now available for immediate download.

Part 16 | Holiday Planning Printables

The 11 pages in this final section of The Family HUB are dedicated entirely to keeping track of your holidays. Featuring pages for favorite traditions, recipes, decor, ideas and more, this kit will help you record everything your family likes to do (or wants to do!) for each important holiday!

And don’t forget: all pages feature editable text boxes (so you can use these digitally or printed out) and are available in color, as well as black-and-white.

Year-Over-Year Planning Printables

The first 5 pages in this holiday planning kit are designed to be used and referenced year after year. They aren’t necessarily time- or date-specific, but are instead running lists to help you log favorite or usual recipes, ideas, decor, and traditions associated with a particular holiday.

I refer to the turquoise pages in this kit as “any holiday,” because they are generic and can be used to plan and organize…well…any holiday!

Holiday Planning Printables

FAVORITE HOLIDAY RECIPES. Use this page to record any and all favorite recipes you prepare (or want to prepare!) for a particular holiday.

FAVORITE TRADITIONS & ACTIVITIES. Use this page to record any and all traditions and activities you usually do (or want to do!) for a particular holiday.

HOLIDAY DECOR INVENTORY. Use this page to document holiday-specific decor (e.g., what you have, quantities, and where it’s located) so you 1) don’t re-buy, and 2) can easily find it year after year.

HOLIDAY IDEA LIST. Use this page to jot down new, fun ideas as you come across them throughout the year.

HOLIDAY PLANNER. This single page planner breaks tasks down into specific timeframes: 4-6 months out | 1 month out | week of | day before | and day of. As you assemble your Family HUB binder, spend some time thinking about what tasks need to be accomplished when for each holiday. Then, at the start of every year, add all the important tasks to your planner. You’ll never be late shopping for Valentine’s Day cards or Easter baskets again!

Holiday Planning Printables

Event-Specific Planning Printables

The other 5 pages in this holiday planning pack are meant to be used, in real time, as you prepare for the holiday. Including a to do Lists, a calendar, a shopping list, a budget, and a summary sheet, these pages will ensure you stay on top of any holiday-specific tasks!

HOLIDAY BUDGET. Use this worksheet to stay on top of costs for a specific holiday celebration.

HOLIDAY PLANS. This single-page calendar helps you plan out any events, outings, and special dates surrounding a particular holiday.

HOLIDAY SHOPPING LIST. From shopping for decor, gifts, food or more, you can use this fully editable and changeable list for any of your holiday shopping needs!

HOLIDAY TO-DOs. Keep track of everything you need to do leading up to your celebration with this simple To Do List.

HOLIDAY AT-A-GLANCE. Hash out your decor, activities, menu, and projects on a single, at-a-glance, page.

Holiday Planning Printables

Pages for Every Holiday!

The 10 pages I’ve shown you so far aren’t specific for any one holiday, meaning they can be used for any holiday. But I couldn’t stop there! I replicated the entire set in a variety of colors for every holiday throughout the year!

All 10 pages outlined throughout this post are also available in the 10 holidays/colors shown below! Now, you can make mini color-coded planners for every holiday. Likewise, you can print just the Traditions pages, or just the Recipe pages, or just the Idea pages, or just the Decor pages to compile category-by-category sets that span all the holidays!

So many possibilities for holiday planning, my friends!

Holiday Planning Printables

Each set features the exact same pages as the “any holiday” set, the only differences are the colors and coordinating symbols on the bottom of each page!

Holiday Planning Printables

With all 10 holiday sets…plus the turquoise and black-and-white versions of the “any holiday” set…this final installment totals 120 new printable pages!

Get This Kit!

Part 16 – Holidays (for The Family HUB system) is now available for download from The Organization Toolbox! Click HERE to shop or learn more!

What started as an innocent printable project over 15 months ago is now finally complete…Hooray! With this final installment of holiday planning printables, The Family HUB now contains 500+ (!!!!!) pages that you can print, edit, mix-and-match, and customize in order to make your ultimate home management binder. I can’t wait to see how these latest pages help you complete your home and life planning!

The Family HUB

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See You Soon!