I’m busily prepping a bunch of Christmas gifts, but wanted to continue with our “virtual” Holiday Home Tour as promised! Today’s stop…in the dining room!

In this room, I did a bunch of staging and crafts to bring the holiday spirit to life! Some nooks were quick and simple to pull together with some live elements, balls, and baskets…while other crannies of the room got some easy but oh-so-festive new additions…

 A small live tree (I love these table top furs) was given some white lights and then set inside a blue and white bucket (leftover from the Monster birthday party!). The base of the bucket is filled with white and mirrored snowballs (also from my holiday stash). This little tree brought much needed flare to an otherwise boring corner!


On the table, I opted to keep it simple. I stretched a white and silver obi (purchased while we were in Okinawa) down the table to act as a runner. I then filled a large cylinder vase with epsom salt (to look like snow) and then filled the vase with teal, green, and silver bobs and bobbles. A simple ribbon and felt snowflake adorn the jar.

 I am such a sucker for these things at the craft store. I found lumping them all together made the best effect!

The real crafting and projects for this space were done to fill the bookcases! I hadn’t actually gotten around to styling these for our everyday decor, so I essentially had a blank slate to fill with holiday goodies!

Let’s peek at the left side first!

My favorite elements of this space are the big glass jar filled with white, silver, teal and green ornaments and the mini cake plate with the oversized green disco ball ornament! I find decorating with balls keeps things simple and clean yet perfectly festive. The other candy jar is just filled with some coordinating scrapbook paper.

I found these white tins in my stash (kind of forget that I had them ;). The other sides of them say COFFEE and TEA. I just turned them around and added some vinyl letters to say NAUGHTY and NICE!

When I style bookcases, I like some shelves to be arranged and hodge-podged, but I like others to have some symmetry. A row of mason jars helped things from looking too cluttered. Medallions made with a combination of paper and fabric cheer it up a bit.

On the right side of the shelf, I made another festive vignette…

I simply placed some fabric in a frame and cut the santa/sleigh silhouette from white vinyl (it’s attached to the glass, not the fabric). The hardest part of this 10-minute project was picking out which image would go in the frame! I love that this could now be swapped out as seasons and holidays come and go!

On the same shelf, I added a few more cone trees (wrapped in Michael Miller fabrics) and a star burst ornament on a pedestal.

On the top shelf, I added some large snowflake votives (again, bringing in a dose of symmetry), and then filled another square vessel with ornaments. A family photo completes the display!

This room was a lot of fun to pull together, as it was the center of most of my holiday crafting. I feel like I struck a nice balance of festive holiday decor without too much fuss – just a bit of glam for our dining room this year.

I have one more “virtual” Holiday Home Tour post for you – all the other corners of the house I haven’t shown you yet but don’t really deserve their own post 😉 On Friday (I hope…depends of Mrs. Clause gets all her present projects done!!), I will show you the last few Christmas corners in our house!

See You Soon!