Hello Everyone! I hope you are all having a great week so far. Our holiday preparations for the upcoming neighborhood Holiday Tour of Homes are (finally) starting to wind down. It’s been a very crazy past 9 days, but there is a light at the end of the tunnel; and my To Do list is down to a few last little projects! Last week, I showed you our comfy, cozy living room…and today I am continuing with the virtual tour of our holiday home with our entryway “mantel.”

Since our house doesn’t have a fireplace or mantel, we specifically designed this little nook (behind our front door) to be our holiday showcase spot. We started with an empty nook…then refinished an old hutch to become a bookcase, and transformed an old window frame to a mirror.

From this blank slate, I can add a variety of accessories in whatever theme or holiday that is coming up next. I love the versatility of this little nook, and I had so much fun pulling it together for Christmas. Let me show you what all I added to give it some Christmas cheer!

Due to it’s size and height (aka – higher than the baby can reach!), the hutch was the ideal location for our Willow Tree nativity. We received the first few starter pieces of this set when we first got married and have added to it every year. This year, we added the creche…one of the last pieces we were missing – I love how it frames out the whole scene!

I pulled out my red polka dot and sequin trees from last year, and then glittered up one more tree to complete the ruby forest. The red paper rose wreath (on sale from Target) provided a much needed punch of saturated color!

Up until now, the bookcase has remained empty. For one, I don’t like a lot of clutter and worried about filling it up with a bunch of stuff that would look messy. Also, this shelf is right at baby’s eye- and hand-height, so I worried if anything I put up would actually stay up.

Well…I decided to give the bookcase a styling (you know, for the sake of the home tour) and sure enough…I.LOVE.IT. You don’t realize how silly an empty bookcase looks until  you add some accessories!

One of the best things about this little project is that I didn’t buy a single item for this display. Everything you see here, I found while “shopping” my house! I started with books (that were tucked away in the office closet) and some vases and baskets I had laying around. I then went back and added some festive accessories, like glittery balls in a bucket…

A cute fuzzy snowman and some simply wrapped (empty) boxes…

…and a sequined pinecone!

I absolutely love how this whole “mantel” came together…from the serene nativity scene, to the pop of color on the cone trees and wreath, all the way down to each accessory on the bookcase. I had such fun pulling this together, walking around the house and finding just the right items to make it work. Styling this bookcase wasn’t about creating a certain project or getting something off my to-do list…it was a process of turning something boring and simple (my empty bookcase) into something fun and festive – isn’t that what holiday decorating is all about?

Have you carved out a spot in your house for your holiday “mantel”? I can’t wait to have a real mantel/focal point for these types of displays, but for now…this will work!

The next stop on the virtual holiday home tour will be our hallway bathroom…yes, you read that right 😉 Bet, you can’t wait!!!


See You Soon!