Okay! This is the LAST “virtual” Holiday Home Tour post – promise! I know everyone is probably way “over” decorating their house at this point (Lord knows I am, I’m practically ready to take it all down!), but I really wanted to show you the last little touches of Christmas I sprinkled throughout the house! If you’re just joining me today, my house was featured in a Holiday Tour of Homes in my community a few weeks back. Because over 100 people were going to walk through my house, I did a little more holiday decorating than I normally would have. Be sure to check out my other 5 posts here:

Okay, let’s get started with our Christmas tree!

Our tree was decorated in shades of red, white and silver (to go with the holiday decor in the entryway behind it!). We started by putting every red, white or silver ball we could find on the tree, then filled in all the holes with our family ornaments. Finally, I added some large red and white glittery poinsettias here and there, and stuffed in some wire-y silver doodads!

Last year, we went on a family trip right after Christmas and found this gorgeous silver finial. We couldn’t decide if we wanted to be a star or angel family, so we went a different direction. We LOVE it.  To give it a little more flare, we surrounded the finial with more red sparkly doodads (I really don’t know what else to call them!).

I joke that our tree is half “department store,” “half family” – it has a sophisticated, coordinated look but also has all our special family ornaments on it!

(Oh – in this post you will see some sneak peaks of some updates around the house I haven’t blogged yet! Sneak Peak #1 – the new gallery wall in the photo below!)

Right next to our tree, we hung our stockings. I removed the pails (temporarily) from this project so that we could hang our stockings on the hooks. These all-felt stockings are a special tradition in my family. Each time a person is married or born into our family, my mom designs them a special Christmas stocking. While my mom has the full original set at her house, we have a duplicate set here in our own home. My husband is the toy soldier, my son is the reindeer, and I am the little elf! More than anything else in our house, these stockings remind me of Christmas growing up and are my most favorite holiday item of all!

Let’s move down to the kitchen! I kept things simple in here. I added Christmas lights under the cabinets all the way around the kitchen. I love the ambience this brings to the kitchen, and I might leave them up all year long! My mom also made me some snowflake dish towels to display…they were in the laundry when I took these photos – shucks!

(Sneak peak #2 – the rug on the floor. I have all the details for you coming up in the New Year!)

Above the sink, I hung some teal, green, and silver ornaments from a tension rod using some thread.

In the corner of the kitchen, I placed one more cone tree and a few other festive accessories on a clear cake stand.

In the Office/Craft room, I kept things simple. We bought one more table-tob furr and placed it on our filing cabinet. It was then covered in lights (which sadly burnt out on us a few days ago!) and then wrapped in a simple white and red bead garland around it. I placed the tree skirt I made last year around the base of the tree, and added a few holiday accessories to complete the scene!

Atop the tree, I placed a simple DIY medallion made of festive card stock. On the right, our candy-toned Nutcracker stands watch. Henry just LOVES this guy!

In the hallway, I filled a large glass vase with some tree branches I found outside. I then hung an  assortment of gold-toned mini ornaments off the branches. A gold ribbon and a gold pinecone ornament add just enough to this display. Strange as it may seem, this is probably my favorite display in the whole house. I love the simplicity of it matched with just the right dose of glam. I want to incorporate more of this luxurious simplicity around my house year round!

Last but not least, I had to do a few little fun things in the baby’s room! (Sneak Peak #3 – I made and hung these vinyl decals….but you don’t know where yet! I have a full Owl Nursery reveal for you, also in the New Year!). On the owl display on the wall, each owl was given his/her own Santa hat (made from card stock and just taped up).

I also made a simple card stock garland for his hutch and hung a wreath on the door (these wreaths were on every door in the hallway!)

I made the garland using 1.75″ circles and sewed them together (I used this tutorial). I explain how I made the cute little wreaths here! These elements were just enough to bring some holiday cheer to the baby’s room!

PHEW!!!! That ends my “virtual” Holiday Home Tour! Be sure to check out all my other rooms that I’ve revealed over the last few weeks (links above!). This weekend, I am putting the final touches on some DIY Christmas present.  Don’t worry – I’ll share everything I did with you once it’s all opened on Christmas morning!

See You Soon!