Today’s Toolbox download is one that I know many of you have been waiting for: Health and Wellness Printables for The Family HUB! Although I released a health-focused kit last year, it didn’t include any fitness or diet printables (which were much requested!). This updated kit not only includes several exercise and food logs, but has also been re-formatted to fit seamlessly into The Family HUB system. Let me show you everything included in this newest set of printable pages!

Health and Wellness Printables

What Is The Family HUB?

Back in January, I introduced my latest comprehensive printable system: The Family HUB – the ultimate, customizable home management system that can help you track every detail of your life and home. This printable kit (which by year’s end will include worksheets and trackers for pretty much every area of your life) was born out of your requests for a pretty, simple and complete home management binder. To date, the first 9 sections of The Family HUB have been released and are available for immediate download (see more at the bottom of this post). Today’s addition, Health and Wellness Printables, is the 10th section to be added to your Family HUB!

Part 10 | Health & Wellness Printables

The dark pink section of The Family HUB is dedicated entirely to your (and your family’s) health and wellness. These 48 pages include dozens of worksheets and trackers to help you log all sorts of medical, fitness and diet information, ensuring no aspect of your health gets overlooked! All pages feature editable text boxes and are available in pink, as well as black and white.

Health and Wellness Printables

Although these pages are designed to help you create a comprehensive overview of your health, there are lots of single worksheets and trackers you might find useful in your day-to-day life. Even if you’re not assembling The Family HUB, the food journals, weight trackers, sleep logs and more can tuck right into your journal, planner, or even up on the fridge to keep you on track toward specific goals!

Here are brief descriptions of the pages included in this kit!

Medical Profile Forms

HEALTH HISTORY. Now more than ever, it is so important to maintain thorough health histories for yourself, your family members, and perhaps even your parents, siblings, and grandparents. I’ve put together a 3 page health history form that records everything from birth details, allergies, chronic conditions, and surgeries, to medications, illnesses, and injuries. Although the top section of the family history form is populated (below, right), it can be edited to include whatever health conditions you need to track.

Health and Wellness Printables

VACCINE RECORD. Although most offices track vaccines, it’s helpful to have your own record should you move or need to quickly and easily recall vaccination dates for school registrations, etc. Print one out for each family member and update as needed. If/when the time comes, I will update this to include the COVID vaccine!

ANNUAL WELLNESS CALENDAR. This single-page snapshot helps you keep track of when you’re due for certain exams and appointments. Run off one for each family member or use different colored pens to record each person’s schedule on a single page.

HEALTH CONTACTS. Although you can log your medical contacts in the Contacts section of The Family HUB, these pages help you keep the contact information for all your medical providers handy!

HEALTH INSURANCE INFORMATION. This two-page form provides a place to write down all the necessary details of any and all medical-related insurance policies you carry.

HEALTH EXPENSES. This two-page spread provides a consolidated place to track all of your out-of-pocket health expenses.

DOCTOR VISIT LOG. This two-page spread helps you keep track of doctor’s visits: why you went, who you saw, what the diagnosis was, etc. This is great for keeping track of children’s appointments and/or if you’re trying to stay on top of tests or symptoms!

DENTAL VISIT LOG. Same as the Doctor log; this two-page spread gives you a place to record dental visits.

Health and Wellness Printables

SYMPTOM TRACKER. If you are experiencing symptoms but are having trouble figuring out what’s causing them, this tracker helps you keep a running diary that can be brought to your next appointment.

LAB TESTS & RESULTS. If you are having lots of tests and procedures done, this simple worksheet helps you keep track and take notes as results come in. This page is also really helpful when you’re trying to remember past results of recurring tests.

Wellness Trackers

A major component of this kit is a whole slew of trackers to log a wide variety of wellness information. In fact, this kit includes over 20 different trackers to help you monitor your weight, medications, blood pressure, habits, and more!

Health and Wellness Printables

MEDICATION & SUPPLEMENT TRACKERS. I realize medication management is a big undertaking for many people. As such, I’ve included 10 different worksheets dedicated to Medications and Supplements. In addition to a Medication “record” that helps you track what a medication is for, who prescribed it, which pharmacy filled it, etc, I also have a Medication Log (to record any side effects), Medication Schedule, and a Family Medication Tracker, among others.

This kit also features Monthly and Weekly check-off trackers for both Medications and Supplements. If you’re horrible about remembering to take everything you’re supposed to take, keep these up on the fridge to help! Simply add a “check” or ‘X’ each time you give/take a certain medicine!

BLOOD PRESSURE TRACKERS. Both a monthly view and 2-week view are included to help you log your morning and evening blood pressures as needed.

BLOOD SUGAR TRACKERS. Both a monthly view and 1-week view are included to help you log your blood sugar before and after your daily meals and snacks.

HABIT TRACKERS. If you have a habit, health-related or otherwise, that you’re really trying to make stick, the two Habit Trackers in this kit can help you stay on track. I’ll be sharing exactly how to use these pages in this weekend’s newsletter!  (Subscribe below if you’re not already on my list!)

SLEEP TRACKERS. Two different sleep trackers are included: one provides a quick and easy way to jot down how many hours you get each night, while the other has space to log sleep quality and other triggers effecting your sleep.

WEIGHT TRACKERS. Monthly and Quarterly Weight Trackers are included. Both come with a “blank” lefthand column, where you can populate (either by hand or by typing) your own weight range. To track your weight, simply place a dot at the intersection of the weight and date.

Health and Wellness Printables

Fitness & Exercise Printables

Last, but certainly not least, this kit includes 8 pages dedicated to tracking your exercise and diet regimen. Most of these pages are modeled after worksheets I used with my personal training clients “back in the day.”

Health and Wellness Printables

FOOD & FITNESS LOG. This one-page snapshot allows you to record all your meals and workouts for a single week.

FOOD JOURNAL. This one-page worksheet helps you track all of your food intake for a single week. It’s broken down by day, and includes lines for meals. However, the second column isn’t specified as calories, points, exchanges, or other increments so you can customize it for whatever plan you’re following!

EXERCISE LOGS. Both Monthly and Weekly Exercise Logs are included and provide space to either plan or track your cardio, weight training, and flexibility exercises, as well as log your weekly weight.

Health and Wellness Printables

WEIGHT TRAINING LOG. I’ve gotten so many requests for a Weight Training Log over the years, so I dug out my old logs and updated them for you here! Although this layout accommodates a 6-day/week weight training plan, you can just use as many days as you need!

Get This Kit!

Part 10 – Health and Wellness Printables (of The Family HUB system) is now available for download from The Organization Toolbox! Click HERE to shop or learn more!

Health and Wellness Printables

Keeping track of our personal (and family’s) health is more important than ever before. It is my hope that these Health and Wellness Printables provide a clean, clear, and systematic way for recording anything you need, including health histories, medications, appointments and more. Further, I know the various trackers included here can help you make progress on a wide variety of health-related goals (weight loss, better sleep, etc), so I encourage you to find ways to incorporate these pages into your daily life and/or The Family HUB!

The Family HUB

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