Happy Halloween, my friends! I hope you all have an awesome, fun, candy-filled, spooky, and safe day ahead!

If you can believe it…once upon a time not too long ago…I hated dressing up for Halloween and even bemoaned having to come up with Halloween costumes. Well…one look at our family costumes this year will tell you I’ve clearly gotten over it. In fact, this is the most fun I’ve had making Halloween costumes ever!

As soon as Henry asked if we could be the Lego Batman family for Halloween, my wheels started turning and I literally couldn’t wait to bring some of our favorite Lego characters to life. It feels like I have a million balls in the air lately, and I literally had about a dozen other things I should have been doing besides make costumes. But I just couldn’t help myself. And watching these costumes come together (and Henry’s excitement grow) with each passing day made all the extra work worth it!

Henry’s costume is pretty awesome (you guys will love how easy it was!), but can we just stop for a moment and take in this sweet, sweet Robin. Oh my heavens…

Sam’s costume was so much fun to put together (I can’t wait to show you how I did it – I still can’t believe it worked!)…and I honestly can’t decide if the oversized shoes or the cape are my favorite part!

We had a Halloween party to go to this past weekend which is why I miraculously have pictures of us in costume before Halloween night….

That said, taking pictures of an over-excited 6 year old and an exhausted 10 month old is no easy feat…especially when you add in costumes and a dying camera battery. #momfail But at least I captured a few shots to share with you all! These two…oh golly…they sure make my life awesome!

I know I was “supposed” to have these costumes done weeks ago so I could have shared everything with you here well before Halloween (in case you want to make them too). But you guys…this is real life…I was finishing costumes right up until today just like many of you, I’m sure. And while I’m “supposed” to be moving onto holiday content (say it ain’t so!?!?!), I have to show you these costumes (and these cute kids!) in more detail. Because this project was just so fun. And they turned out just too cute. So on Friday, I plan to be back here with a long overdue Coffee Break post to catch you up on things going on behind-the-scenes; and then next week, I’m hoping to share one of these costume tutorials! Thanks for bearing with me while I catch my breath on a whole bunch of life and work! I hope you have a very Happy Halloween!!!!

See You Soon!