Hello again!

I am back today with some more oh-so-wonderful shots (note heavy sarcasm) of my house! If you didn’t come ’round earlier this week and have no idea what I’m talking about, I started a three part series I am calling…

On Monday, I showed you “The Good,”spaces in my one that aren’t TOO terrible and received SOME DIY love over the past year.  Today, I am going to show you (gulp) “The Bad”!! 
All those neglected, eye-soar spaces that I never got to!
 Let’s get it over with, shall we? 😉

First up, our front patio! It started out with some promise…we placed this ugly bench (we bought on a whim in Japan) along with some pots in an attempt to fill the space and say “Welcome” to our visitors.
Alas, the ugly bench never got painted (but it’s at the TOP of my priority list at our next home!) and the pots never got filled (probably a good thing because I kill everything I grow!). They sat like this, ugly and empty all.year.long. 
I did get up a cute wreath when we first got here…the one shining star of our otherwise drab porch!

Next up (groooann, I can’t believe I am posting these pictures), is our oh-so-lovely patio and “lawn.” We had two lovely sets of french doors that looked onto this little (and somewhat useless) courtyard. We refinished that table there on the left when we first got here, thinking we would make this a quaint sitting area…we never got to it! (on the bright side, however, we learned A LOT about weatherproofing furniture!)

There’s our little patch of grass that we have to keep “mowed.” I don’t think a lawn mower would even fit in that patch – lol – we use a weed eater instead!

And there sit more lovely but empty pots. Must plant flowers next time!

Last, but not least…our garage…
The garage actually almost made it on ‘The Good” list. It is easily the hugest garage I have ever ever seen so we have not been wanting for storage space. And, I just spent a bunch of time sorting and organizing everything in it (if you can believe that from the pictures)…but alas, it is still far far away from how I would have liked it, so it landed here on “The Bad” list!

That’s all the lovely photos for today! Next time, I will show you the one truly terrible, over-cluttered, unorganized and undecorated room in our house. I bet you can’t wait 😉
Have a great weekend!

See You Soon!