So…this is kind of embarrassing, but I just recently discovered the very wide world of DIY/decorating/thrifting/crafting blogs.  Blogs like this one, this one, and this one…and wow are there many, many more! In recent weeks, I’ve been obsessed with “catching up” on all the latest ideas, trends, and inspirations and even been moved to (finally) start my own blog in an effort to log/share my own projects and ideas.  
I’m still pulling out all my old photos of my projects from the past few years and blogging them, but I am taking a detour off “Memory Lane” to post these pumpkins I JUST made because…in all honesty…I am in LOVE with them and am finally proud of something enough to share it with the blog-o-sphere!!!

I was inspired by these… but put my own touch on them. I knew I wanted to use my current family room/dining room fabrics (three left pumpkins) and then stumbled upon the green glitter pumpkin at Target for $2.50 (ummm…SOLD!).  
I, too, decoupaged them and then finished them with some Miniwax Polycrilic.  Then I added different glittery ribbons and trims to the stems of each.  
 I am displaying them on my console table right inside the front door alongside some other mini gourds.  I spray painted a few of the small ones with glittery spray paint to tie them all together.
Ooooo!!!  I walk past these about a million times a day because they are right outside my son’s bedroom door…Boy do they make diaper-changing-time something to look forward to!
See You Soon!