I’m so excited to (finally!!) have an update in our dining room to share! Our dining room, that despite being one of my favorites in our entire house, hasn’t gotten much attention here on the blog, well, because not much has gone on in here in a really long time. I finished the main room elements pretty early on after moving in…but there was one more layer I really wanted to add in before proclaiming the room “done.”

Here’s the one and only “before” shot I could find of this space (bad blogger forgot to snap some more recent before pics, sorry!)

Rug and Rugpad-001

A few weeks ago, in my two-year-recap post, I mentioned I have been oh-so-patiently waiting for “just the right rug” to come along to really finish off this space. Well, look what recently popped up on Joss & Main and I actually went for it – yes, this was my very first flash-sale purchase!

Rug and Rugpad-002

For a very long time now, I’ve had in my head that I wanted a large black and white striped rug for under our dining room table. In my gut, I just knew that a bold stripe on the floor would help ground the whole arrangement and really tie in the black furniture we have in the space.

Rug and Rugpad-003

In addition to the “black and white stripe” criteria, I had other parameters keeping me from going for other rugs I’ve found along the way (and trust me, I’ve been searching!). I really wanted a large 8×10′ rug; I wanted it to be super durable and stain resistant (since it was going under a table where we eat all of our meals), and most of all, I didn’t want to pay a fortune…less than $300 was my goal price. What a lucky find with this Safavieh Loretta Rug rug for $265 – it met every single one of my criteria! And what a total relief that my gut was right about the black and white striped pattern in this space – talk about a total game changer!

Rug and Rugpad-004

So am I the only one who makes a rug purchase, rushes home with the rug (or in this case, waits impatiently for it to be delivered) only to un-wrap it, get it down and remember, doh, “I don’t have a rug pad!”?? Instead of running out to buy one of the generic, thick, rubbery pads I would have to piece together or trim down (and be far too cushy for my flat-woven rug), I was really excited to discover Rug Pads USA. If you pop over to this site, you’ll see a pretty amazing selection of rug pads. You can choose a pad based on what type of floor you have, what type of rug you’re putting it under, and what type of material pad you want…and the pads are available in pretty much every shape and size you can think of! Who knew there was such a wide world of rug pads!

I chose the Super-Lock Rug Pad for Laminate Floors since 1) it is made specifically for the laminate floors we have in our home, and 2) it was described as perfectly suitable for “thinner flatweave rugs without cushioning” (which is what our new rug is). The fact that it has a 20 year warranty, is super eco-friendly, and is made in the USA pretty much sealed the deal (although the complimentary cut-to-size option and free shipping are pretty great perks too)!!!

Rug and Rugpad-005

I opted to have the rug pad cut down an inch on all sides so it wouldn’t be visible outside the perimeter of the rug. I love that the felt top and rubber bottom of the pad work together to keep the rug perfectly in place, even as we move chairs in and out from the table all day long. And the low-profile padding means that we get very little indentations in the rug itself from our furniture feet! We’ve been using the rug and rugpad together now for a few weeks and couldn’t be happier with the overall function and feel of both products!

Rug and Rugpad-006

I know there is tons of debate about rugs under tables where meals are consumed – while it certainly looks better to have a rug to ground furniture, seeing and cleaning up food/messes can be tricker than just sweeping/mopping up wood/laminate/tile floors. I personally find it easier to clean up carpet than solid surfaces (I just prefer the vacuum to a broom any day!)…so a rug under our table has been long awaited for and I’m so excited to finally have one in place!

Rug and Rugpad-007

And I feel like I say this a lot, but I am still crushing on this cobalt blue color just as much as the day I picked it for our chairs and walls. Paired with black, it’s just such a striking combo! And for this pattern-loving girl, the geometric fabric and striped rug together just make me giddy!

Rug and Rugpad-008

With this final room element in place, I can (finally) say that this room is done, and I just love it so so so much! Good thing since we spend so much time in here, as it is literally and figuratively the “center of our home.” In the coming weeks, I’ll have my final “room reveal” post up here on the blog with all the final pics, details and resource list, so if you see something here you’re curious about – keep your eye out for that post!

Rug and Rugpad-009

I hope you all have a great start to your week. Despite juggling quite a few balls around here lately, I’ve managed to squeeze in some fun DIY projects I’m hoping to share here soon. I’ll be back later in the week with a master bedroom project that I’m loving! See you then!Megan

I did not receive compensation for this blog post; however Rug Pads USA did provide me with a complimentary rug pad for me to try and review. Please remember that I only work with brands and products I fully support and that make sense for my home, my family, and this blog. All opinions are 100% my own!

See You Soon!