Happy Friday!

I’m a relatively new to this whole Mommy thing! The transition from full-time, constantly moving, always productive Worker/Student Megan to Stay-At-Home Momma wasn’t the easiest for me! After years of being productive every single minute of every single day AND on my own tightly controlled schedule, putting my wants, needs, tasks and projects on hold for my new baby was a tough transition! I’m still learning how to balance his needs with my whims, but it’s getting better (and easier) with each passing day!
One thing I have learned over the past few months is that a Momma that gets a few crafty things done each week is a happy, more content, more engaged Momma! Not exactly sure why, but I suspect it has something to do with a feeling of accomplishment (beyond a clothed, fed, and clean baby!). More so, I’m learning that these crafty things don’t have to be huge, all-consuming projects (because those, I just don’t have time for…and then I get even more frustrated!). I’m finding if I take on little things here and there…I feel much happier and content staying at home!
Over the past few weeks I’ve been working on some bigger projects that I’ll be posting soon, but I’ve also done some little projects to get some of my creative energy out while the baby naps. These are just little things here and there…stuff that’s really not worthy of a whole posts all their own (poor little projects!)…but since this blog is just as much for posterity-sake as it is for inspiration/showing/telling, etc…I figured I’d go ahead and post some quick snapshots of a few things I’ve done recently!
First up…I made super cute vinyl “labels” for my son’s out-grown clothes!
I’ve had this idea in my head for for.ever. As the baby outgrew clothes, I knew I needed to find a way to store them. These bins are the perfect size to hold baby clothes without being too cumbeson or difficult to get into! I could have put very simple labels on them, but when I had the cricut out for some other projects I was working on, I figured I’d pop these out too…it doesn’t take a long time…I just had to do it! Again, using the Hoot’N’Holler cricut cartridge as well as another font cartridge, I made quick labels to match He-Man’s owl-themed nursery!

Want to see what else I’ve been up to?

Also while the cricut was out, I cranked out a few more cute Valentine’s Mailboxes for some friends!

Each one is adorned with their initials (just like our’s!) and some heart decorations on the tops and sides! I filled them both with yummy chocolates, wrapped them with cellophane and a ribbon and added a cute heart-shaped label! I was so excited to play cupid with these fun (and easy!) gifts!

Lastly, I made this cute little pin cushion!

I was in desperate need of a pin cushion (um, why don’t I have one?) My sewing “room” (which I have’t had a chance to post yet!) theme is dresses and dress forms, so when I saw this Dress Form Pin Cushion here, I was super excited. It was quick and easy to make (although…I’m not the best at sewing a bust seam….my lady is a little “crooked” if you know what I mean 😉 . The only thing that I didn’t anticipate….????

Is that when I stick pins in it, I feel like it’s a voodoo doll! LOL! Don’t worry, I am not channeling ill-thoughts toward anyone! I just feel bad every time I “prick” her! HA! Might need to find a different pin cushion idea!

So that’s that! A few little things here and there that have kept my hands busy and my heart happy! Have a great weekend! 

Oh, and check back on Monday…I have a super fun organization-themed project in the works and ready to post!


See You Soon!