If you’ve been around for a little while (or poked around my older posts!), you may notice that I make a lot of projects from the Sew4Home website.

(If you haven’t been over there yourself…you really should! There are so many wonderful things to make with excellent tutorials!). 

A few weeks ago, Sew4Home featured these fabric vase skirts as part of their Valentine’s Day project series. I “pinned” them right away, knowing that they were the perfect thing to take some hum-drum flowers to the next level. I had a few gift-giving occasions come up over the last few weeks, and was so excited to pair the vase skirt with a fun “sign” to make some “extra special” flower arrangements!

Now, I don’t know about you…but I would sure love to receive something like this! See more pictures and ideas after the jump!

First up, I wanted to make a Valentine’s Day gift for my parents!  I started with some Dollar Store vases (that I had leftover from Thanksgiving Table decor!)
Using some leftover pink fabric I discovered while organizing my craft room, I followed the tutorial EXACTLY…and ended up with a perfectly fitting “wrap” for my cheep-o vase!
Then, using my cricut….I cut out a simple little “I heart you” sign out of matching card stock and glued it to a wooden kabob skewer!

With the addition of flowers, I had a fun, easy, and “extra special” flower arrangement for my parents!

While I was making the Valentine’s Day one…I knew I needed a thank-you gift for my neighbor who has been helping me out with He-Man. I picked out some coordinating fabric out of my stash, and whipped up another one (pretty quickly since all the measurements were done!) This time, I made a “Merci” sign, since this was going to be a thank-you gift! Some friendly yellow roses really took it over the top!

So…next time you need a gift…think beyond the gift card! These flower arrangements didn’t take much time at all, you can make it all with stuff you have on hand (well, except the flowers…unless you have a great garden!), and your recipient will be really touched by the extra thoughtfulness of this gift!

If you want to see some of my other projects suing Sew4Home tutorials, check these out!

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