Last Friday, when I showed you our completed entryway gallery wall, I mentioned that this is the first and only space in the whole house we are calling “done!!” (For my new readers, we moved into our current house last July.) Not that I won’t make adjustments here and there over the next few years, but all the major design elements for this space are complete. I thought it would be fun to look back and recap how this whole space came together…

Here is a snapshot of our entrway the day we got the keys to the house. It was a good little nook with lots of potential. You can read about our new house HERE.

The first step was painting. As this entryway is part of our bigger living room, it got the same dramatic stripe treatment as the rest of the room. We started by painting all the walls the dark grey color, and then taped off 12ish” horizontal stripes.

Once the tape came off, we fell in LOVE with our new walls! (You can read all about our painting marathon HERE!)

We moved the blue rug from Henry’s old bedroom to the foyer – I love that it feels like an oversized welcome mat. The next step was to complete the first big project for the space: the hutch makeover. I transformed an ugly and dated china hutch to become this sleek new bookcase. The fit was perfect, and it is one of my favorite pieces in the house! You can read all about the transformation HERE!

Next, I salvaged on old window frame to become a dramatic and quite fantastic new mirror. The full tutorial can be found HERE.

Around the same time, I stumbled upon this gorgeous beast-of-a-lamp in a local consignment shop. I loved the size (it’s hard to tell, but it’s huge) and shape of it, and I knew it was a perfect addition to our entryway. I couldn’t resist it for $50!

With these three pieces assembled, I had exactly what I was aiming for: a neutral spot that could be used for holiday displays. We don’t have a fireplace or mantel, so I really wanted this to serve that purpose.

So far, it’s been jazzed up for fall, Christmas, and winter! I love the versatility of the components here! There is lots of display space, and it’s neutral enough that I can infuse any color or theme I want to.

With the little wall behind the door done, I then turned my attention to the diagonal wall that greets guests as they walk through the door. You can read the full gallery wall reveal HERE.

With this little wall complete, we proclaimed the entry done. Want to see some before and afters?

View from the living room:

Right inside the door:

The whole entryway: (ppsssst – sorry for “painted” before shot…I don’t have a true before shot from this angle – shucks!)

Phew! So what do you think? Do you love it as much as I do? I know I keep saying it, but I just love the harmony of how everything came together just right. There’s a good blend of DIY and store-bought items, and it achieves the perfect modern, clean, and classic feel that I love. Here’s hoping I can bring the same level of design to the rest of our house!

Okay – I promised a room reveal of the little man’s new bedroom on Friday…and deliver I shall! I will see you then!

See You Soon!