Earlier this week, I showed you our Summer Fun Activities Frame and how I made all the little envelopes filled with summer-time activities! To pin up and display all these little envelopes, I am using a frame that looks exactly like the Silhouette Advent Calendar frame that I’m sure you’ve seen all over the web. BUT! I didn’t buy that $30 frame! Instead, I made my own for about $10!

DIY Advent Frame-001

To make your own display frame, you need a relatively large frame with no glass or backing (this is a great project for thrift store frames or frames that have broken glass!), little screw-in eye hooks, and picture-hanging wire.

DIY Advent Frame-002

My frame came from the clearance section of Michaels. I am a sucker for crisp white frames; and when I saw this one without any glass or backing, I knew this was my chance to finally make this display frame.

DIY Advent Frame-003

I started by measuring where my hooks would go down the inside edge of the frame. I started a 1/2″ from the top and then placed a mark every 2″. The little hooks screw right in, but I found it easier to start the hole with a nail and a few taps of the hammer. Then, using a needle nose pliers, I twisted the hooks right into the side of the frame.

DIY Advent Frame-004

Here’s the frame with hooks down the inside edge of the frame. Repeat at the exact same intervals on the other side of the frame.

DIY Advent Frame-005

Next, take some picture hanging wire and loop it through the eye hook on one side of the frame and secure it by wrapping the end around itself. Pull the wire across the frame and string it through the eye hook on the opposite end of the frame. Pull as tight as you can and secure the wire by wrapping it around itself again. Repeat for all the hooks down the frame.

DIY Advent Frame-006

And it’s that simple! For a third of the retail price and about 15 minutes, I have this fun and versatile frame that I can use for displaying all sorts of little paper crafts!

DIY Advent Frame-007

My first use for the frame was to pin up our summer-time activities envelopes using mini curtain hooks – you can read more details about them HERE!

DIY Advent Frame-008

I love it when I set out to re-create something I see online and it turns out exactly like the inspiration image! I sent the picture to my sister and she thought I (finally) broke down and bought the Silhouette frame – ha! In this case, some patience finding the perfect frame and simple handiwork really paid off!

DIY Advent Frame-009

Hope you are all having a great week. I’ll be back next week with some more updates in the Little Man’s room! See you then!


See You Soon!