If you’ve been coming around THIHM for a year or so now, you might recall that last year, our house was on a local Holiday Tour of Homes. It was one of the highlights of our year, so I eagerly agreed to be on the tour again this year. For the past few weeks, I have been slowly putting away some of our regular decor and reluctantly pulling out our holiday stuff. (I only say “reluctantly” because I personally don’t like to decorate for Christmas before Thanksgiving but have to since the Home Tour is the first weekend in December.) Anyway, in an effort to pull together this year’s holiday look, I’ve also been out doing some Christmas craft supply shopping. While I’m supposed to be focusing on Christmas decor, I couldn’t help but snag up a few Christmas decor items to make a “regular” home accessory that I’ve been dying to find/create myself: an urchin!

DIY Urchin-001

These are nothing new and have been popping up in gorgeous home photos all around the blog-o-sphere. Every time I see one, I want to splurge and buy one myself or figure out a way to make one. Seriously, I have been wanting one in our home for.forever. They are just the coolest home accessory!

DIY Urchin-002

Left / Right

Well my friends, inspiration hit in the Christmas decor aisle at Michaels and look what I now have in our home office!

DIY Urchin-003

I know, I know. Mine doesn’t look nearly as chic or as the fancy-dancy expensive ones; but it was quick, easy and super inexpensive…and it still gives me the look I was after! I picked up three of these sparkler clusters at Michaels for $1 each (50% off) in the Christmas decor and grabbed some flat head plugs from Lowes. All told, this cost me less than $5!

DIY Urchin-004

I started by drilling three holes into the flat head plug with a drill and 3/16 drill bit. I had to play around with size a bit because I wanted my clusters to fit snugly. I started with a smaller bit and worked my way up. Once my holes were the right size, I spray painted my plug gold.

DIY Urchin-005

Next, I “strung” my sparkler clusters through my holes and marked with a pencil where each wire stick needed to be trimmed. I used a strong wire cutters to clip the wires off of each cluster.

DIY Urchin-006

With the plug dry and my clusters trimmed, all that was left to do was insert the clusters into the holes on the plug.

DIY Urchin-007

Two of my three clusters fit snuggly, but the third was quite loose. I went ahead and secured all three with some hot glue on the bottom. I tried to wipe off some excess so that the plug would sit flat once dry.

DIY Urchin-008

And that’s pretty much it! Since the clusters are on wire, I can spread and split and adjust them as needed.

DIY Urchin-009

It’s certainly festive for the holidays, but will absolutely be a permanent decor fixture in our office year round!

DIY Urchin-010

Before I get into some Christmas crafting and decor, I have one more “golden” project from the office to show you. See you Wednesdays with those details!

DIY Urchin-011


See You Soon!