Today, I am really, really excited to show you this little addition to our dining room! I’ve been waiting and waiting to get these prints up on the wall and am so ready to reveal one of the main sources of inspiration for our new-home decor scheme!
You see, I found these amazing FREE state printables a while back over at Marci’s adorable blog! (You’ve probably seen them; they’ve been pinned like crazy and are featured on a lot of great blogs!). People have all sorts of creative ways for using them, but I thought they would make an awesome gallery wall to showcase the places we’ve lived as a military family. 
Even though I could have found a way to make my own to match any decor scheme, I loved them so much that they partly drove our color choices and design elements for our new home (meaning: I kinda designed my house around these prints!).
The combination of Marci’s colors with the grey just “clicked” for me when I was assembling our color and fabric pallet…and now little by little, I have been peppering our home with shades of greens, blues, yellows, and reds along with heavy doses of navy and grey! 
Anyway, the only hiccup in using Marci’s prints to showcase where we’ve lived is that we started our marriage overseas in Okinawa, Japan. After contacting Marci, she happily and quickly whipped up a custom Okinawa print for me in my desired size and color…and my wall was complete!
More photos after the jump!

I had the perfect little wall to showcase these prints! It’s a small wall between the kitchen (left) and the hallway (right).

(Oooo…still love that blue wall color!!) We used our old stand-by trick of using brown paper grocery bags as a picture hanging template! Here’s what you do:

  • Flatten out brown paper bags by cutting down the sides, then tape together as many as you need to fit all your prints.
  • Next, find the center of your paper bag template, and then layout your prints around that center point in whatever motif you are going for.
  • One by one, measure the location of the hooks on your frames and transfer those measurements to the brown paper template as well.

Now it’s time to put the paper on the wall! Find the center of your wall and line it up with the center of your template. Secure the template to the wall with painter’s tape.

Drill into the holes you already measured and marked on the template earlier. Once all your nails/screws are in, peel off the paper template…

And hang your frames!

Not only do I adore the fresh, clean, modern look of these prints and the pop of color they bring to the room…but I just love how the location of them (in the center of our dining room) nods to the adjoining rooms in the house!

To the left, you can spy the green and blue kitchen…

And to the right is our grey-striped living room!

These prints are one of my favorite things in the house right now!! Whenever I pass by them or am sitting at the dining room table eating a meal, I just smile because they make me so happy. It’s fun to reflect back on each of our homes and the experiences we had, friends we made, and memories we have from each one! We often joke around here what our wall will look like by the end of this military adventure! Ha! Again, a huge thanks to Marci for designing these awesome prints and making them available to all of us! 

Be sure to come back and see me on Monday. I have a menu board update that many of you might be interested in! Until then, have a great weekend!

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