As I mentioned in my big reveal post a few weeks ago, the absolute scene-stealer of my niece’s bedroom makeover are the custom vinyl decals we put all over her IKEA “built-ins.” As promised, today I am going to show you exactly how my sister and I pulled this off!
I have a full tutorial for you after the jump!

Here is what you need to make your very own custom vinyl decals!

1. Find your inspiration image. The whole idea for these vinyl decals came from the main theme fabric throughout the  bedroom. This fabric is Lush Twirling Blossom by Patty Young for Michael Miller, and we used it on the window treatments, closet curtain, and other accents around the room.

My sister and I knew we wanted to imitate this whimsical floral pattern down her blank white cabinets and were very prepared to create the image ourselves using her Gypsy. Then one afternoon while I was going through all my Cricut cartridges for another project, I noticed this image on my Home Accents cartridge:
What luck! The overall shape was spot on…we just had to add little circles to the centers, which was easy enough! In no time, we were off and running!
2. Cut out vinyl decals using a die-cut machine. Once you’ve selected your image for your decals, practice cutting different sizes on card stock until you determine the sizes you want (vinyl is precious so don’t go cutting it right away!). For our cabinets, we did 10″, 8″, 6″, and 3″ flowers in two shades of both pink and orange. The light pink, light orange vinyl, and lime green are from StampinUp, and the darker pink and darker orange vinyls can be found here and here. When cutting out your decals, use the low setting on your machine – this allows for ONLY the vinyl to be cut, and not the paper underneath! Once all your decals are cut out, take the extra 10 minutes and transfer them all to transfer paper. This step made a HUGE different once it came time to putting the flowers up on the cabinets!
For our green marks between the flowers, we just cut a 12×12 vinyl sheet of dashes from a font cartridge!

3. Determine decal placement. When doing a big scheme like this one, it’s really important to map out the placement of your decals. We gently pressed up each flower and determined our layout BEFORE fully applying the decals to the cabinets and removing the transfer paper!

4. Apply decals and smooth. Once you have determined the placement of all your decals, use a smoothing transfer tool to apply one decal at a time and remove the transfer paper completely. Snip and wrap the vinyl around edges as necessary! Once all our flowers were up, we went back and added the green dashes in a fun pattern (without transfer paper) to connect them all!
Each cabinet has a unique pattern!

Notice how the flowers wind down the cabinets just like the fabric on the valence!

What a difference some vinyl makes! Here’s a before and after shot…

They really are easy to make, and once cut, went up in no time at all!

I hope you’re inspired to give this project a go! With so many neat tools out there, it really is possibly to create your own custom vinyl decals! Good luck!

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