We are rounding the corner on the final sections for The Family HUB system (woo hoo!). This month’s kit is focused on planning, tracking, and inventorying your Hobbies. These craft and project planning printables are designed to help you log ideas, supplies, and works in progress for whatever passion you pursue. Let me show you these newest pages to hit The Organization Toolbox!

What Is The Family HUB?

Last year, I introduced my latest comprehensive printable system: The Family HUB – the ultimate, customizable home management system that can help you track every detail of your life and home. This printable kit (which will ultimately include worksheets and trackers for pretty much every area of your life and home) was born out of your requests for a pretty, simple, and complete home management binder. See the bottom of this post for all sections that have been released so far and are available for immediate download.

Part 15 | Hobbies & Project Planning Printables

The 23 pages in this dark turquoise section of The Family HUB are dedicated entirely to keeping track of your crafts and hobbies. Featuring pages for project planning, supply inventories, to-dos, schedules, and more, this kit will ensure you stay on top of all your stash, as well as any projects you are currently making (or plan to make).

And don’t forget: all pages feature editable text boxes (so you can use these digitally or printed out) and are available in color, as well as black and white.

Project Planning Printables

YEARLY PROJECT PLANNER. (below left) This year at-a-glance page allows you to plan out what you want to make and when. This can ensure you have certain projects done (in time for holidays or other occasions) without being too overwhelmed at any given time.

PROJECT IDEAS. (below right) Can’t keep track of all the ideas you want to make someday? Me either! This simple bullet-style idea list gives you a place to jot them all down and add them to your yearly planner when the time is right!

Project Planning Printables

This kit features several different options for organizing projects both big and small!

PROJECT AT-A-GLANCE. (below left) This one-page planner is ideal for hashing out every detail of smaller projects that involve limited supplies and just a few steps.

Project Planning Printables

PROJECT BREAKDOWN WORKSHEETS. (above right) For larger projects requiring lots of supplies, longer timelines, and involved processes, use the following 5 worksheets to organize all the important information:

  • Brainstorming
  • Master To-Do List
  • Budget
  • Timeline
  • Supplies

PROJECT PLANS. (below) Three different project plans are included: 1 Week Planner | 2 Week Planner | 1 Month Planner. These worksheets are ideal for chunking projects down into smaller steps and assigning tasks to each day so you actually make progress toward completion.

Project Planning Printables

SUPPLY INVENTORIES. (below left) Tired of (accidentally) buying the same supplies over and over or not having a good sense for what you have on hand? Two different inventory pages are provided to help you inventory everything you have or need.

Project Planning Printables

SWATCHES & SAMPLES. (above right) Whether you craft with paper, vinyl, paint, fabric, pens, glass or another medium, there are three different swatch pages to catalog your collection. These pages can be used to inventory your entire stash or keep track of the materials used on a specific project.

Project Planning Printables

WORKS IN PROGRESS. (below right) Do you tend to work on lots of things at the same time? This simple sheet helps you list everything you’ve got going and assess progress at a glance.

Project Planning Printables

PROJECT RECAPS. After working on a project, spend just a few moments recording the materials, pattern, steps, timeline, and other details (including pictures!) so you can look back and remember as needed.

WEBSITES & PASSWORDS. Keep track of all the sites and shops you use for your specific hobby, including patterns, supplies, classes, memberships, etc.

GRAPH PAPER. Having trouble visualizing your project? Both small- and large-scale graph paper is included for quick sketches and brainstorming.

NOTES. Lined pages to be used as needed.

Get This Kit!

Part 15 – Hobbies (craft & project planning printables for The Family HUB system) is now available for download from The Organization Toolbox! Click HERE to shop or learn more!

These pages can be easily customized for whatever hobby you like to pursue. While they are generic enough to be applied to a wide range of topics, they are detailed enough to be truly helpful as you tackle your next or latest project! So get them printed off and into your Family HUB this month…we’ll complete the Family HUB system next month with Part 16: Holidays!

The Family HUB

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See You Soon!