On Monday, I showed you are indoor Fall decor – if you missed it – check it out HERE! Today, I want to show you my new Fall wreath for our front door. Let me preface this post with a disclaimer that among all the craft skills out there, wreath-making is not one I am very good at. I really, really struggle with making wreaths look full and balanced; and I don’t really know what I am doing when it comes to putting them together – I just sorta make it up as I go along. When I’ve shown you some decently cute wreaths here on the blog, they are the ones that either 1) I worked really, really hard to get it right (often with a lot of trial and error and de-constructiona and re-construction); or 2) the wreath gods were smiling down on me and it turned out un-expectedly fabulous.

This wreath, my friends, is a story of the latter. Un-expededly fabulous indeed!

I set out to make a burlap wreath for two reasons. First – I wanted something that could last me from now until Spring – again, wreaths are not my forte, so I try to make as few as possible πŸ˜‰ A burlap canvas (so to speak) is pretty neutral and forgiving, allowing me to customize it for all the Fall/winter holidays. Second, I committed to myself that our porch makeover (like our indoors) would only use items I had on hand, and I had burlap on hand!

I scoured Pinterest and Etsy for a burlap wreath idea I loved and found THIS one. Major major love! After some quick brainstorming with my Mom and Sister to make sure I was on the right track, I got to work one night while watching a two-hour episode of America’s Got Talent.

I hate to say it, but I don’t have a step-by-step photo tutorial for you because, as I mentioned above, I really didn’t think it would turn out as cute as it did. But it turned out so gosh darn adorable that here I am doing an entire post on my cute wreath without any instructions for you to copy. Boo. But, if you look closely, it’s not that hard and I’ll try and tell Β you what I did as best I can!

  • I used a styrofoam wreath form, florist pins, about 1.25 yards of 60″ wide burlap and ribbon for the bow.
  • I cut all my burlap down into 5.5″ squares – grin and bear it, this can get messy!
  • Next, I folded my burlap like a paper airplane – fold the square in half to make a rectangle, then fold each corner over to the center to make a triangle. Next, pin your burlap triangle/airplane to the wreath form. My inspiration image pinned her triangles so that the folds were facing out, I liked it better with a clean triangle on the outside so my folds are pinned into the wreath!
  • Overlap your triangles from inside the wreath form, top of the wreath form, outside the wreath form, top, inside, top, outside, top all the way around.
  • I found it looked best when I overlapped my triangles as tight as I could – it means you use more fabric and make more triangles, but it’s worth it πŸ™‚ Pin as much as necessary.
  • Add a pretty bow and hang!

I’d love to come up with a way to hide all the pins (I guess I could go back and use smaller, flathead pins), but the pearled look has kinda grown on me. I am excited to add an orange bow for October and perhaps a red one for Christmas. Either way, it has an elegant simplicity that I’m loving right now!

I tend to take my wreaths apart and start fresh every year, but I don’t think this baby is getting disassembled anytime soon! If burlap isn’t your thing and you’re looking for some other Fall Wreath ideas, here are my wreaths from year’s past!

Fall 2012

Halloween 2011

Fall 2011

As you might guess from the looks of my new wreath, the porch has received a pretty significant makeover from last you saw it. On Friday, I’ll show you our new Fall/Winter look! I’m super proud of this one, so be sure to check back!

Β Megan


See You Soon!