My good friend’s little girl just turned 4 years old. When we were invited to her birthday party, I knew I didn’t need to run out to the store to search for a gift because I had everything I needed right at home. You see, I just recently organized all my fabric (full post coming soon), and discovered I had tons of this super fun indoor/outdoor fabric leftover from my Okinawa Craft Room. As soon as I rsvp’d to the party, I had just the plan in my head for a super fun, super easy, and super cute gift!

I have seen “The Crayon Roll” all over the web for a while now, and have always thought they were both adorable and functional!  But since my little man is no where near ready for crayons, I tucked the project away for a few years down the road. With the idea of a craft kit as a gift, I was so excited to get to make my first one!

Crayon Rolls sure are easy my friends! And there are tons of great tutorials all over the place. I used this one…but to be honest, I should have just thought about it for a minute and I could have figured it out…and had I done that, I would have had 4 more slots for the last 4 crayons in my boxes. Oh well…the poor black and brown crayons didn’t make the cut! (and yes…those are sparkly Princess and Winnie the Pooh crayons from the Dollar Store!)
I paired the crayon roll with a plain sketch book from Target. By the way, plain covered sketch books are not that easy to find! I had plans of getting a plain book and putting vinyl initials on the front…but all I could find were these! Ho hum!
I then made a super cute tote to put everything inside. I didn’t follow a pattern for this one. I’ve made enough purses to know how to do a boxed bottom so I just went with it! I cut out 2 11X14 rectangles of each of my fabrics for the main body and lining of the purse. Before assembly, I cut out and appliquéd (my first time ever!!!) the first initial of the gift recipient on the bag! (By the way, this is way easy…why haven’t I done it sooner?!?). I just love the way the stripes look on the inside, the handles, and the letter on the outside!
Once all sewn together, the notebook and crayon roll fit just right!
Oh! And I have to show you the gift tag I made, just because I thought I was so clever!
Using my cricut, I cut out a “4” and a “K”…so it’s “For K…” and K was turning 4…get it? C’mon! Good, right? Hardy, har har!. Okay…so not the most brilliant play on words ever, but I thought it was pretty good!
Little “Ms. K” loved her gift and I had a good time brainstorming it and putting it all together! Now she has a little tote to bring to weekly lunch dates I have with her mom!
That’s all for today! I’m (finally) working on He-Man’s Nursery post…should have it up by the end of this week!  Have a good one!
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