A few weeks ago, we went to a birthday party for a good friend’s two kids! Lately, I have been really enjoying giving hand-made gifts (I’m pretty sure it’s more fun for me than for them…but, whatever!), and was excited to make both a little girl gift and a little boy gift this time around! Today, I’ll show you what I made for the 3-year-old big sister…and next week, I have a two-part post to show you what I made for her 1-year-old little brother!
I was thinking about doing a repeat performance of my Personalized Coloring Tote for this little girl, but I always jump at an opportunity to try something different. I had seen a bunch of crayon aprons on other blogs and Pinterest, and knew it would be just the ticket! 
I came across this cute picture and fell in love! How adorable are all those fabrics?!? Although I could have just bought the pattern and been on my way (source is below if you want it!)…but if you know anything about me, I had to try and figure it out myself!
With the guidance of JUST this photo…
…here is how my turned out!

I have more pictures to show you after the jump!

Unfortunately, I don’t have a tutorial for you to follow to make your own. I wish I did…but I DO have three really good excuses why I don’t! One) I didn’t want to take business away from the person who designed and now sells the pattern for this cute apron! Two) I was on a little bit of a time crunch to get this done in time for the party (read: no time to take pictures!), and Three) This was one of those “I figured it out as I went along”-type projects…I wasn’t sure how cute it would turn out until it was all done!
Even though I don’t have a picture-guided tutorial, I can tell you this: It was actually pretty simple to make once I figured out HOW it had to go together. To save you some time (and some brain energy), here’s a quick run-down of the process (or at least how I did it!) if you want to give it a go yourself!
Basic Directions!
  1. Cut three cute fabrics into various-sized rectangles for the bib, bib trim, skirt, skirt trim, crayon pouch backing, and crayon pouch pocket, and lining.
  2. Assemble crayon pocket first.
  3. Attach skirt trim to main skirt fabric; line with cute coordinating fabric…BUT don’t sew the top of the rectangle shut!
  4. Sew bib trim to bib main fabric; line with cute fabric….BUT don’t sew the bottom of the rectangle shut!
  5. Flip and press both bib and skirt.
  6. Attach ribbon to sides of bib rectangle…sewing all the way around each piece.
  7. Insert RSO bib into the top of the RSO skirt, and machine baste in place.
  8. Sew a long piece of ribbon across the waste of the apron, across all layers of fabric (including skirt/lining and bib/lining.
  9. Sew an extra stretch of ribbon along bottom of crayon pouch if needed (okay, so full transparency here! My pocket was too deep to hold my markers, so I added the ribbon last to make the pocket less shallow! Quick and easy fix!) BUT…if you were going to do this intentionally, I would add the ribbon BEFORE sewing it to the lining!

If all this bib into skirt nonsense didn’t quite make sense, you might be able to figure it out by looking at the lining!

Before wrapping it up, I slid some cute little mini (washable!) markers into each slot!

And paired it with a princess coloring poster from the Dollar Store!

This really was a fun project to work on – not only did the final product turn out great, but the process of thinking and figuring it all out was so fun for me! I just LOVE the challenge of taking a picture and creating it with my own brain and two hands (oh, and the help of some cute fabrics and a sewing machine!).
What about you? Do you like to use patterns? Or figure things out as you go?
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Be sure to come back next week – in addition to some other fun gift ideas, there are some SUPER exciting things going on with my “little ‘ol blog.” Can’t wait to tell you!

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