Of all the projects and crafts I do, furniture makeovers are my favorite. Not only do I love the calming, peaceful, and repetitive nature of actually applying paint to furniture, I just can’t get enough of the whole “power of paint”/transformation thing. I gobble up furniture transformations online, on other blogs, and on TV shows. I just LOVE seeing something old and ugly get a fresh new life. I’m still perfecting my painting technique, and I wish I was a little better with power tools so that I could really get creative with my transformations…even so, I’m always amazed how just some paint and minor modifications can give a piece of furniture a whole new purpose in life. Take a look at this nightstand that’s been sitting in our garage for quite some time!!!

Rolling Printer Cart-023

When ForRent.com asked me for a furniture transformation project, I was so excited to have an excuse to finally work on this little guy. It was my sister who suggested making it a printer cart, as its size and dimensions were just right. I mean, could my printer fit any better in that little compartment? LOL! Compete with a neat tone-on-tone paint treatment, this once ugly duckling is now a snazzy and functional new piece! Pop on over to ForRent.com to get the full tutorial and all the details!

Rolling Printer Cart-019

Rolling Printer Cart-022

Just a friendly reminder that this tutorial will never been featured here at THIHM so be sure to pop over HERE to get all the details!!!

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