With all the party chatter over the last few weeks, I realized I never posted my cake stand project that I featured over at Positively Splendid…um, back in February – oooops! I really, really love this project, so I wanted to make sure all you lovely readers got a chance to see it in case you missed it earlier in the year!

I modeled these cake stands after some whimsical ones I saw at a flee market booth a while back. While I could have just spent the $30ish for one, I thought the idea was pretty easy to replicate and would make a great DIY project! Using some really affordable materials from the craft and hardware store, I created these two adorable cake stands that not only provide great levels and interest for holiday displays, but can also be used year round to display a variety of things!

I picked up all my supplies at Michaels and Lowes; everything was really inexpensive, each finished plate cost me about $10! Here are your raw materials:

  1. Un-finished wood staircase spindle ($1.97)
  2. Beads in a variety of sizes ($0.99/strand)
  3. Wooden rounds ($2-$4)
  4. Fence post toppers ($0.97)

You’ll also need some basic supplies (not pictured): wood saw, wood screws, drill and drill bit, wood filler, hot glue and hot glue gun, spray primer, spray paint, and clear protective poly spray.

Okay, start by cutting down the staircase spindle to more manageable lengths. I chose to use the spindle because it was a lot cheeper than fancy unfinished table legs (which you could also use if you don’t have the means to cut down the wooden spindle). But I also liked that by cutting the leg down in various locations, you end up with very different looks for each cake stand. (NOTE – If you are cutting these yourself, make sure your cuts are straight and level – this will dramatically effect the levelness of your plate in the end!) You can cut your’s anywhere you want, here’s where I cut mine:

When deciding how long to cut your pieces, take into account the finished height you want your stand to be as well as the size of your top platform. My larger cake stand got a taller post, while the smaller cake stand got a shorter post. Below, you can see the various elements that went into each stand!

For the small stand, I used a 7″ round, a standard fence post topper, a 5.5″ cut spindle, and 2 12″ lengths of small beads.

For the larger stand, I used a 9″ round, a standard fence post topper, a 8.5″ cut spindle, and 4 6″ strands of larger beads.

Next, assemble your stand. Using a drill and appropriate size drill bit for your wood screws, pre-drill holes in the center of each stand piece, and screw one section to the next as you go.

Both in the very bottom and on the very top, countersink your screws so they are more-than-flush with the wood surface. You don’t need to worry about the screw on the bottom, but to create an even surface on the top of your plate, fill the hole with wood filler and sand smooth.

Both of my plates were assembled in the exact same fashion. Once you have your plate put together exactly as you want it, it’s time to embellish it. For the smaller plate, I simply glued the string of beads (exactly as I bought them) to the edge of the wood round using hot glue. Try to be “clean” with your glue and use as little as necessary (while still keeping everything firmly attached) because although clear now, once sprayed, you can see the glue a lot more!

For the larger cake stand, I wanted to do a swag effect. My 6″ strands weren’t going to work individually, so I re-strung them onto fishing line to make one long string of beads.

Next, I hot glued the beads at regular intervals on the underside of the wooden round. This may take some trial and error and some tweaking to get your spacing just right.

Here are my plates all ready for their finishing paint job!

I am a big fan of primer – I find that a well-primed surface ensures nice and even paint coverage! As such, I started by spraying both plates with Zinsser 123 Primer.

I then followed up with several light coats of red and turquoise spray paint.

Lastly, I gave them each a coat of Rustoleum clear gloss for final protection!

And that’s it!!!!  Now you can use your cake stands however you wish. Mine were brought right inside and put on my Valentine’s Day mantel, but as these colors are all over my home, I can use them wherever I need a fresh pop of color!

A little out-of-date, but here are the cake stands as they appear on my Valentine’s Day display:

These stands can be assembled in so many different ways and colors – the possibilities really are endless. And whether you need them for displaying treats or decor, or even to adorn a bookcase, they are such a fun accessory to have on hand! In addition to some Spring cleaning, I’ve been spending some good time at my sewing machine. On Friday, I’m going to show you some cute little gifts I made for Henry’s little friends! See you then!!

See You Soon!