Okay, okay, I know…ANOTHER Amy Butler pattern.  This is actually my last one – I promise.  (I went through a love affair with her stuff a few years back and made a few things.  I am just pulling out my photos to blog about them now.)

So…my mother is a big-time quilter…in fact, she’s pretty amazing at it.  I have long been inspired by her awesomeness and jealous of her endless opportunities to use fun fabrics in neat ways.  You see, I LOVE bold patterns and LOVE putting unexpected patterns together.  My instinct, of course, is to do so in my home decor sewing…but my husband isn’t as excited about mixing and matching bold patterns for the house; and admittedly, it becomes difficult to make some patterns fit within a decor scheme.  So, I decided to attempt my own quilt.  And to whom did I turn for a pattern? Ms. Amy Butler, of course!  And did I pay for the pattern?  Oh no…I got it here.

Okay, so I was going to make a quilt, but what fabrics do I use?  Oh no.  There are so many.  And, I am so particular about things matching just right.  Since I was in Okinawa at the time (read: don’t have access to great fabric stores), I had to do my shopping online; and the easiest option was to pick a pack of fabrics that were pre-coordianted.  After HOURS (yes, hours) of searching for “the right ones,” I settled on Free Spirit’s Sole line, which I ordered a bundle of from the Fat Quarter Shop.

I then set to cutting out all my squares and rectangles (no pattern!) and then cut out my football shapes using the provided pattern printed in cardstock.  I got about 2/3 of the way done with the top of the quilt.

And then:

  • my husband returned from deployment
  • we moved back to the US
  • I started graduate school

And the sewing machine got put away…wah wah wah…

And then this happened:
And the sewing machine came back out to make baby stuff – lots and lots of baby stuff (posts coming!).  As I was working my way through burp cloths and crib sheets, I stumbled upon this almost-finished quilt.  (In all honesty, I was looking through my fabrics in an effort not to go buy more!).  It occurred to me that this quilt would be the perfect size for Baby.  
So…I finished it.  In one afternoon (yes, it took just one – why didn’t I finish it sooner?) It became this:
And once he came home, He-Man just loved it:

And now it is his!
See You Soon!