With the calendar flipping to February, it’s time for your favorite stores (and your favorite blogs!) to roll out all of their adorable red and pink decor, projects, and ideas in full force! After all, with Valentine’s Day being only two weeks into the month, there isn’t much time to decorate for and enjoy this mini holiday. In year’s past, Valentine’s-themed decor has been some of my favorite to do and share here on the blog. This year, (as was with my Christmas decor), I’m not quite feeling the desire to pull together a brand new, full-blown, love-themed display. Lucky for me, I’ve whipped up some cute things over the years and have kept them safely stored away…so I can simply pull out a few of my favorites and call it a day.

I had such fun poking through my Valentine’s Day bin and realized that since many of you all are relatively new around here, you might like to see a short and sweet round-up of my Valentine’s projects/decor of years past! These go from chronological order from oldest to newest over the past 4 years. Thankfully red, pink, and hearts-all-over never goes out of style!

Mini MailboxesMini Target mailboxes get instant personality thanks to vinyl decals, monograms, and dollar-store candlesticks. These are perfect for slipping in little love letters or adorning a mantelscape. (Interesting story: I LOVED these mailboxes, and apparently so did Cricut! Their publishing company asked me to box these up and mail them in for inclusion in a home decor book with the promise they’d be returned to me. Over a year later, neither these mailboxes nor a book have been sent to me, and no one is answering my emails. Hurumph. I’m a tad bitter about it because they were so stinkin’ cute 😉 

Valentine's Day Round Up-001

Rosebud Wreath. I’m convinced that felt goes together with Valentine’s Day as much as chocolate, roses, and dinner dates. Something about its bright wooly texture just screams hearts and Valentine’s Day crafts to me! I had such a fun time whipping up these simple felt roses to adorn a pink polka-dotted wreath. This one was the perfect amount of pop on our front door during this cold, dreary month!

Valentine's Day Round Up-002

Love Birds. Simple wooden birds from the craft store were dressed up with white paint and a tie (him) and a fascinator (her). These cheeky little critters would be adorable on a mantel, table centerpiece or tucked into a wreath!

Valentine's Day Round Up-003

Heart Canvas. I keep a batch of empty canvases on-hand for spur of the moment holiday projects like this one! This project was one of my very first attempts at “masking” where I cut all the shapes from vinyl with my Cricut, painted over all the shapes, then peeled the shapes away to reveal the images underneath. Simple canvases like this are perfect for adding just a touch of Valentine’s spirit to any room of the house!

Valentine's Day Round Up-004

Red & Blue Valentine’s “Mantel”. Who says Valentine’s Day decor has to be red, pink and white? I LOVE the combination of red and bright turquoise – a fresh and modern take on traditional Valentine’s decor.

Valentine's Day Round Up-005

“You Make My Heart Burst” Candy Jars. Sometimes the simplest projects turn out the cutest. Here, old peanut butter jars were cleaned out, spray painted (with a heart window!) and filled with fruit Starbursts. The little tags, printed and cut from cardstock, were the perfect finishing touch on this whimsical little gift, perfect for teachers, neighbors or co-workers. Start finishing up and cleaning out your condiment jars now!

Valentine's Day Round Up-006

LoveBug Valentines. I needed a quick and easy (and free) Valentine idea for all of Henry’s little school buddies last year. After looking through my Cricut images, I settled on these cute two-tone ladybugs, cut from colored cardstock, layered onto labels printed onto white paper. These came together so quickly and easily. Once I had everything cut out, Henry could help glue them all together!

Valentine's Day Round Up-007

Heart-Felt Pillow. Get it? Heart-felt…a heart pillow made of felt. Ha! I thought that was so clever 😉 Anyway, this is a new project for this season, and I am SO smitten with it. This simple, monochromatic design is a modern and fresh way to bring in some Valentine’s decor without being too cheesy. The full tutorial is up over at My Daily Bubble right now. This is a fun and simple DIY, but it does take some time to get all those hearts cut out (a perfect task while catching up on television shows!), so get started today!

Valentine's Day Round Up-008

Do you decorate for Valentine’s Day? It’s a super fun holiday to decorate for (hearts! pink!), but it seems to come and go so quickly. I’m currently at work on this year’s Valentines for friends, family, and teachers this week. I’ll show you what we came up with next Monday – I will actually have my ideas ready early enough this year to share them so you can do them too! Next up though, I have another quick organization project/update to show you and I think you’ll love it! See you Friday!

See You Soon!