Last year I started sharing fun and random little facts about me here on the blog. I found the posts refreshing to write, and I got such great feedback from my readers! I loving sharing a little more about myself that isn’t necessarily craft/DIY/organization related; and I am sure you guys like knowing a little more about the girl behind the blog! So…while I am wrapping up some really fun projects that will hit the blog here soon, I thought this was the perfect time for my next A Little About Me installment! (Catch up on Part 1 and Part 2 if you missed them!)

  1. I’m a musical junkie! While growing up a dancer (and pursuing it through college) certainly fostered my love for theatre and musicals, it was my Dad who instilled in me a love for all things song and dance. I can clearly remember every Friday night as a kid, going to the movie rental store (Erols!) to pick out a new musical to bring home and watch. We never, ever rented the new releases…we always headed straight to the Musical section. Usually, I’d resist my Dad’ choice because the box looked funny, but he’d assure me I would love it. He was never wrong…and with each one…during our 3-day rental, I would commit each and every song and dance number to heart.  Dorris Day and Vera Ellen, Gene Kelly and Frank Sinatra…these were my movie stars growing up. They are still my favorite movies to pop in when it’s a rainy day or I’m working on a project, and I can still do many of the dance numbers from memory! We’ve started Henry young! His YouTube playlist is all the best musical numbers of my favorite movies…and he’s learned the dances too!
  2. My husband and I met in high school! We didn’t start dating until we “reunited” in college, but we actually worked on the same musical summer production of Godspell the summer after our sophomore year of high school. We were good friends then, but nothing more. We grew up in the same town and went to rival high schools but never saw each other again until I transferred to George Mason University in Virginia during my Junior year of college. I saw him at church and recognized him immediately. We started dating 3 months later and we’re about to celebrate our 10 year wedding anniversary!
  3. My vision is horrible. Really, really bad. I’ve worn glasses since third grade, contacts since eighth.  I can’t see the clock from bed, no matter how large the numbers are (which my husband loves in the middle of the night when I want to know the time 😉 I’ve been near-sided my entire life, and recently I’m starting to notice some far-sidedness…I’m pretty sure it’s from too much time on my phone and iPad and computer screen. One day I would love to have corrective eye surgery, but my eyes STILL haven’t stabilized enough to consider it. Hurumph!
  4. I’m a group-exercise instructor. I’ve mentioned it here and there on the blog, so some of you might already know this one. I got certified my sophomore year of college and have maintained my certification ever since (going on 14 years!). I’m also a certified personal trainer, although I haven’t done that in years. I’ve almost always taught at least one group-ex class until I had Henry 4+ years ago. Then I got into running and took a big long break from teaching. I’m now back teaching twice a week, and boy have I missed it. It sounds corny, but it’s truly a part of me, and exercising in a group is really the way I like to do it. I’m a self-proclaimed cardio junkie, and my “forte” is old-school step, Hi-Lo and cardio dance…although right now, I am teaching a weight training class. I love being paid to lift weights because I wouldn’t do it otherwise 🙂
  5. I eat dessert every day and rarely drink alcohol. My Dad always gets a chuckle when we go out to a restaurant…I pass on a cocktail but order dessert every single time! I’m not really sure why…I just love my sweets and don’t really care for alcohol. I have three dark chocolates after lunch every day, and I am eating Famous Amos cookies as I type this. I pretty much have dessert after every meal except breakfast…unless you consider coffee a dessert?
  6. I love to tidy, but I hate to clean! I literally could putz around the house all day, picking up things here and there, tweaking pillows, re-organizing a closet, making beds, hanging up clothes, putting dishes away, etc. But ask me to clean the toilets or mop the floors and I want to go hide under the bed. No amount of cleaning checklists or routines have gotten me to enjoy it or be more consistent. I had a girlfriend tell me there are two things she will do until she dies: dye her hair and have a housecleaner. And while I don’t dye my hair, I have to agree on the housecleaner. We keep a pretty tidy and neat place, so we budget for a monthly deep cleaning by a housecleaner and for us and our family, it is worth every single penny!
  7. I’m Catholic. Born, raised, married and practicing. I went to 13 years of Catholic school (K-12), as did Greg (just different schools!). Like many (I think), faith and religion have ebbed and flowed for us throughout our lives, but we’re currently in a “flowing” mode 🙂 We have a great new parish with a great new priest, and feel more connect to our faith than we have in a long time!
  8. I’m not really into social media. Which, as you might expect, makes being a blogger a bit tricky! I don’t use a personal Facebook account, and Twitter is a total headache to me. Peri-what? and Something-chat? None of them appeal to me. I do love Instagram though…so you can find me there when I’m not here 🙂
  9. I’m horrible at remembering birthdays. Don’t ever expect a birthday card from me…or a birthday text…because I can never remember it. I guess that’s where Facebook would come in handy 😉 I can’t tell you how many New Year’s resolutions I have made to send hand-written birthday cards, on time, just to my family. I think I typically make it to March. It’s a character flaw that I have somewhat accepted.
  10. My current favorites:
    1. on Pandora: Pitch Perfect and Michael Buble stations (obviously)
    2. on my playlist: Meghan Trainor’s album: Title
    3. on TV: Dancing with the Stars (of course)
    4. on the web: I Heart Organizing, Emily Henderson, and Elle & Company
    5. on my plate: Dole’s Spoonflower Crunch Salad
    6. on my feet: STILL these flats!

Phew! Coming up with 10 unique and random facts isn’t so easy! I hope you enjoyed getting to know more about me, and if you’re feeling friendly…leave a comment telling me something about you! So many of you are commenting regularly, you’re starting to feel like friends and I’d love to know you better!

Two big office updates coming this week, so check back soon!

See You Soon!