Ages ago, I wrote a post “A Little About Me.” It was fun to write, and I was quite surprised how much my readers enjoyed it! The more I thought about it, I really shouldn’t have been shocked, because I love reading these types of posts by my favorite bloggers too! Well – it’s been a while since that first post, so I thought I’d do another. This one is less formal and more snapshot like….so here’s a bunch of little things about me!

1. I never wear makeup. Well, unless it’s a super special occasion or I’m getting pictures taken. I’m not really sure why I don’t, but I think it’s mainly because I’m lazy. It just feels like too much trouble, and I’m horrible about taking it off at night…so I just don’t bother. Although I’m starting to feel like I should…you know, to put a more professional/put-together look out into the world. I recently saw a clip on TV about how great not wearing makeup, even just two days a week, is great for your skin…so I guess I’ll have great skin as I get older 😉

2. I’m in a major workout rut. Exercise has been a huge part of my life for the past 15+ years. Not only have I been a daily exerciser this whole time, but I am also a group-exercise instructor, a personal trainer, have my masters in Exercise Physiology and have run a few marathons. Yup – big exerciser, here. Until lately. I’m not teaching right now, and I am super bored with running, which has been my main exercise avenue for the past four years. So working out has suddenly become a struggle. This alone is so strange for me because I’ve been an avid, passionate and excited exerciser for so long. I’m still getting out the door four days a week, so it’s not like I’ve completely fallen off the band wagon, but I am SO excited for a jump start to my workout routine once we move!

3. I’m the youngest. I’m the youngest of four children, by a lot. My siblings are 11, 14, and 17 years older than me. As a kid, I felt like an only child with a lot of older, bossy people in my life. But as I’ve gotten older, the age gap between us all has shrunk, and we’re now closer than we’ve ever been. It’s been awesome to get to know my siblings as adults and share a sibling connection that most brothers and sisters get to experience earlier on. During the last year loosing our Mom, they have been my support and my strength!

4. My birthday is on Christmas! Yep – Christmas Day. And I love it. I didn’t always, but I’ve grown to. Although opening presents one day a year is kind of a bummer, it definitely has some benefits! It’s always festive, and there’s lots of pretty decorations. There’s always good food and a plethora of sweets. Everyone is always off work/school, and we’re often surrounded by family. Oh – and almost no one forgets 😉

5. My favorite TV show right now is…Dancing with the Stars. I used to watch it when it first came out, then I stopped, then I got back into it while my husband was deployed. It’s the only show I’ll watch live (not on DVR), but I rarely vote. I told my husband if there was ever a chance for a non “star” to be on the show, to sign me up, get a committee together, sign petitions, whatever it takes to get me on that show! Although, then I’d have to wear makeup 😉

6. My favorite album right now is…I’m listening a lot to Miranda Lambert’s Platinum lately. Especially on days when I’m home alone working on projects. And there’s always Maroon 5 on. Always.

7. I’m a strong introvert. People who know me might be surprised by that because I do have some extroverted qualities (I am a super peppy group-ex instructor and can be VERY chatty when I know you well). But, I’m best on my own or in very small groups. I have a good bit of social anxiety in large crowds or situations out of my control, and I definitely re-charge by working alone on projects.

8. My favorite shoes are…These Steve Madden flats. I’ve owned 6 pairs of these shoes (all in different colors), and they are my go-to shoes when I’m not wearing tennis shoes. They are a bit of a pain to break in, but once I do, I wear them until they are falling apart. They are great with jeans, capris, shorts, dresses – you name it. They dress up any slouchy outfit and are perfect for sliding on to go out to get the mail or take the trash out. Now that I think about it, I probably need to re-stock for Spring! #Lentisalmostover

9. I’m a binge reader.  I don’t read a lot of books (because, well, most of my leisure time is spent doing crafts and blogging them!). But when I do read, I gobble them up so fast. Harry Potter series? In a flash. The Hunger Games – I think I read all three in a week. There’s books I’d like to read, but I know that if I start them, I won’t do anything else until they’re finished. The only problem with reading books so fast? I’m horrible at remembering all the details (definitely not good in series books). I can never remember who everyone is and why their stores are important. Good thing my husband reads slower and remembers every.single.detail. He loves it when we have to pause movies or he has to re-tell me sequences in books because I can’t remember how everything fits together. 😉

10.  My favorite drink is…what I call “sparkly water.” Basically, carbonated, all-natural flavored waters. I gave up soda almost 10 years ago, and was content drinking milk and water for many years. In the last few years, I started craving the refreshing bubbles of soda so I started drinking waters like La Croix and Polar Carbonated Waters. My favorite flavors are anything lime or cranberry…and adding a real lime makes a huge difference in the flavor! I dare say I’m kind of addicted to them!

So…there are 10 fun little facts about me! Do you and I have anything in common? I’d love to know something about you that you consider quirky or unusual! Does anything in my list surprise you?

I hope you are all having a great week. I did want to let you know that a few unexpected things have popped up on this side of the screen, so my posting may be a little sporadic over the next week. I’ve got a bunch of things in the works, but some family things will require my attention. I hope to keep my usual schedule, but if I’m not here, know all is well and I’ll be back super soon!


See You Soon!