My little guy is getting ready to turn 3! YIKES! How did that happen? And although he’s been ready for a little while, we are getting ready to (finally) transition him out of his crib into a bigger bed. And while we could just swap out the bed and call it a day, who would I be if I didn’t seize this milestone as an opportunity to update his bedroom?!?

If you’ve been coming around here for a while, you might recall that Henry’s “updated nursery” was completed shortly after we moved into this house about 18+ months ago, and used only items I had on hand or made myself. I imposed that strict criteria on myself knowing full well that we would update his room while we lived here.

Well, the day is finally here! (Can you tell I’m excited?!?) While I’ve loved the owls and everything I made to go into his nursery, we are ready to move on to a less-committed theme and a more overall fun little-boy look that will (hopefully) grow with him a little better. I’m not naive to think I’ll never re-do or change his room as we continue to move and his personality develops, but I’m hoping to make some decisions on “big-ticket” items that will stand the test of time (and my design whims!)

As you would imagine, I’ve been pouring over images on Pinterest, online stores and other blogs. I started collecting ideas and pictures of products I love…and even have started to buy some things here and there as I have come across them. But as a little pile of “stuff” has started to grow in the corner of the office/craft room, I’ve been having trouble picturing how it would all come together. As I sat down last night to hash out my ideas into an inspiration board of sorts, I cannot even begin to tell you how excited I am at the direction I’ve settled on! Take a look for yourself:

Henry's Big Boy Room-001

Henry's Big Boy Room-002

Henry's Big Boy Room-003

black white check fabric / large dot fabric / black and white chevron fabric / small check fabric

Giraffe head / orange pillow shams / chevron pillows / monogram pillow

wall hooks / glass lamp / animal prints / sheets

My one and only limitation in this room is the ceiling! You might remember that I painted it green. I’m not re-painting it until we move out, so I am working around the green (which we love anyway, so no problem there!). I’m complimenting the green with heavy doses of black and white and some orange. The rest of the primary colors (i.e., red, blue and yellow) will help round out the room in very small accents.

I already have my hands on several of the fabrics and furniture items I have pictured above; and I have roman shades on their way, which are shaping up to be my first DIY project for this room. I am literally chomping at the bit to get started, and putting this post together has literally roared my engines! As always, I’ll be chronicling the room transformation as it happens, so stay tuned…there’s lots to come for this little space!

What do you think? Have I settled on a good direction for a wild, friendly, spirited and happy little three year-old boy? Fingers crossed I have, because I’m off and running!


See You Soon!