Happy Friday! As promised, I am popping back in today to chat for just a bit about a few quick and easy fabric projects I completed for our master bedroom update. On Wednesday, I talked about how I find and buy affordable luxe textiles; and today, I’m going to spotlight two of the projects I’ve used my fabric on so far: an upholstered headboard and simple pillow shams!

Before we get into the fun and pretty part, I have to chat for a moment about our bed. I had to reach into old files for this shot, but I wanted to show you our bed in the last house (gosh – it’s amazing how much my style has changed in a short year – yikes, this room is yuck!). Anyway, our bed is a platform storage bed from West Elm with the two side tables attached to create one long board across the back of the bed.

I really loved this bed once upon a time. I liked its sleekness and modernness and simplicity, but it was beginning to feel a little apartment/city loft-ish to me…

And that was before we moved it into this room in our current house. Uh oh…see those windows!?!? This room is a tiny dark box, and I wasn’t about to block half of each window with the attached side tables, so they didn’t even make it into the house on moving day (they are still sitting out in the garage!).  My original plan was to keep the bed just like below, with its simple square headboard and put my fabrics elsewhere. But then I started pining over all those fanatically upholstered headboards you see all over Pinterest (that dang Pinterest!).

A new headboard was NOT in our budget and our bed was not in need of updating like other items in our house, so I was committed to making due with what we had. Toying around with ideas, I literally sat up in bed one night and realized that our headboard was 1) a very simple shape, 2) very boring, 3) VERY easy to detach and attach, and 4) made of wood (well, MDF)…making it the ideal candidate to cover in fabric! It might not be a pretty shape, but I can cover it in pretty fabric!

This was one of those quick, let’s-get-it-done-really-fast projects – honest! Around 9:00 at night, I said to my husband, “Any chance you could help me get the headboard off the bed?” Within 20 minutes, we  had the bed pulled away from the wall (no easy feat with all those drawers!) and the headboard removed.

My husband thought I’d be busy for a while and went back to watching TV, but less than another 20 minutes later, I had the headboard ready to go back on the bed! If you’ve read enough blogs you know the drill: wrap the wood in several layers of quilt batting (I used a queen size sheet of batting folded in half) and staple tightly all the way around with a staple gun; repeat the same process with the fabric, pulling very, very taught as you go.

At the corners, I folded the fabric like a present toward the back of the board.

Thanks to my short headboard, this used just under 2 yards of fabric, which means for about $20, I had a much softer, elegant, custom look for our bedroom!

I know covering a headboard in fabric is nothing new, but here was my big revelation on this project. I had dreams of a fancy new dramatic headboard for our room. However, our budget (and time) didn’t really allow for such an addition, so I did the next best thing: I worked with what I had. Sure I’d love our headboard to have a little more shape (and would really like it taller so you can see it more behind all the pillows!), but for now, it’s fantastic. This was a super cost effective solution that had major impact in our room…

The fabric adds some much needed softness to the room and helps our bed look a little less city sleek and more glamourous chic!

With the headboard done (and the flowered fabric assigned to it), it was time to bring in some of the more masculine coordinating stripe fabric I bought. I knew I was going to use our basic white coverlet and duvet on the bed, eliminating the need to buy a bedding set, so shams were the perfect project for the striped fabric!

I’ve mentioned this before, but for all my new readers: I don’t do well following patterns (you know, those tissue paper kind that require tracing and cutting?); I do much better just winging it. I’ve made pillow shams in the past (using an actual pattern), and I remember them taking longer and using more fabric than they should have. I didn’t want to waste my precious time or fabric here, so this is what I did:

  • I made shams using the basic premise of envelope pillows (that’s what most shams are after all!). Note: If you don’t know what I mean, Google “envelop pillow tutorial.”
  • I cut my fabric about 3 inches wider and longer than a standard sleeping pillow. Why? 1 inch for seam allowances and 2 inches for a border.
  • Once my pillowcase was constructed and turned right-side-out, I simply top-stiched a border two inches in from my pressed and flipped edge (see below right). I used a ruler and erasable fabric pen to draw the border, and then sewed right on top of it.
  • With the border sewn in, the pillows fit snuggly inside the shams!

Due to their size, pillow shams use up a lot of fabric. Because I had to account for the direction of the pattern, these two used just under 3 yards total.

With the help of some fantastic fabrics and simple bedding, our bed went from nothing special to coordinated and classy. These two projects were relatively simple and inexpensive updates to our bedroom that when combined with everything else, make a world of difference!

I hope you all have a fantastic weekend! I’m going to be painting all weekend – for sneak peaks of what I’m working on, be sure to follow me on Instagram! On Monday, finally a furniture reveal I’ve been waiting and waiting to show you (psst, it’s right there in that photo above!) Can’t wait to give you the details!

See You Soon!