Thanks to this little blog of mine, I’ve been able to connect with some awesome companies, brands and sites. While I try not to fill all of my content with sponsored or review posts, I really do love to share with you guys the companies and products that we love and use in our own home to make our life easier and spaces prettier. Name Bubbles is a company that I have been so lucky to be partnered with for several years now. Not only do I share a monthly project on their blog, My Daily Bubble, but I have LOVED getting to try out several of their items. I’ve shared about their products a few times before (read about their write-on labels here and their awesome new line of removable wall monograms here). I just recently added to my Name Bubbles stash (I can’t get enough of them!) and thought it would be fun to share all the ways we use these awesome dishwasher- and laundry-safe labels in our home!


Years ago, Henry was entering “school” for the very first time, I needed to label all of his cups, clothes, and other items he’d take into the classroom. I Googled “dishwasher safe labels” and stumbled onto the Name Bubbles site. I was immediately smitten with their vibrant color schemes, adorable images, and great prices. I ordered the Preschool Labels Pack and have added them to everything he’s taken to school over the last few years. Years later, the labels are still attached and going strong, despite daily washes! Each and every time we start a new activity or buy a new water bottle/lunchbox etc, I immediately turn to my pack of labels to quickly add his name. No hunting around for markers or tape and figuring out how to attach his name in a way that will stick. I LOVE having pre-made, high-quality tags ready to go at a moments notice!

Preschool Labels Pack from Name Bubbles


Many of you know that I’m a total sucker for pretty labels and will label just about anything…whether it’s necessary or not. A year or so ago, I really wanted to label all of our dry food canisters, not only so they looked good but so we could easily tell the difference between flour, sugar, and pancake mix, as well as other similar-looking items. I really wanted labels that could be changed as the contents were swapped but would also hold up to frequent washings. Name Bubbles write-on labels are the best.things.ever. They come in a variety of sizes, and the numbers included in the sets are super generous! They come with very clear instructions, as well as two writing utensils. The “pencil” is completely removable yet dark enough to easily tell what is written. The marker is more permanent but can still be removed with rubbing alcohol. I labeled our canisters that rarely change with the marker (sugar, flour, etc)…and our more-likely-to-change canisters are labeled with the pencil. These labels are honestly one of my favorite labeling supplies of all time!

Write-On Labels from Name Bubbles

In fact, since moving in, I hadn’t had a chance to update the labels on all of our canisters. Our pantry is super tight, and both Greg and I were getting frustrated trying to find the right things. This last weekend I grabbed my sets of write-on labels and added labels to the few unlabeled canisters and got everything labeled correctly. I can’t tell you the difference it makes being able to easily find things in the depth of our shelves. (I hope to have a full pantry organization update for you on Friday!)

Write-On Labels on pantry containers


The latest items I just added to our Name Bubbles arsenal were the Share Labels Pack. Like the preschool pack, you get labels in a variety of shapes and sizes (all in their laundry- and dishwasher-safe formula), but instead of each label having the same name, I could split the pack into several names. Not only did I want to add some more “Henry” labels to our stash (as he gets older, we have more and more things to label), but I also thought it would be really helpful to have some labels with just our last name. Whether it’s coolers, potluck dishes or other items we take to gatherings and outings, I have found myself reaching for waterproof labels but didn’t want to use Henry’s school labels. These are the perfect solution for labeling anything for anyone in the family! This pack can be split into 6 different names, so if you have a big family, this is a great value set!

Share Labels Pack from Name Bubbles

I love finding good and reliable products for our family. Time and time again, I find myself reaching for these labels and am often hopping onto their site to check out their latest offerings and packages. I just know that when Henry gets older, these Varsity Sports Labels will come in handy. I love that they have a more mature look for older kids and include the child’s number so you can label everything and anything you need for that sport! (By the way, their site is just too fun to play around on…have you tried it? The patterns/fonts/colors/images are all changeable and you can preview your selections in real time. It’s so fun for a label-loving gal like myself to just play around!)

I did not receive compensation for this blog post; however Name Bubbles did provide several label sets for me to use and review. Please remember that I only work with brands and products I fully support and that make sense for my home, my family, and this blog. All opinions are 100% my own!

See You Soon!