On Wednesday, I showed you this adorable owl paint chip wall art that I created for Henry’s updated “little boy” room.

I thought it would be fun to chat for just a minute about how this idea was born!

I, like most of you I’m sure, love love love Pinterest. Maybe too much – just ask my husband 😉 I use it both as entertainment (who doesn’t love to just sit, relax, and browse image after image of awesome ideas?!?), but also to keep track of ideas and projects that inspire me, I love, or would like to accomplish someday.

However, sometimes I completely forget all the gems I’ve pinned over the last year or so. There are some really, really good ideas in there; and they rarely get a second look once they are “pinned” up. Lately, I’ve gotten so caught up in the “pinning,” that I don’t stop, go back, and look at all the good ideas I’ve collected.

When my creative juices were running low on ideas for filling up Henry’s gallery wall, I turned to my Must Try DIY Board to see what I could copy try.

In this instance, I was struck by two different projects I had pinned. The first idea was these vibrant paint chip art pieces:

And the other was these adorable owl pouch boxes:


I was struck by their similarity – both used circles layered in the same way to create similar effects – and an idea was born. Instead of just repeating the paint-chip art, why not combine the two ideas to make something all my own?
Here’s what I mean!

There is absolutely nothing wrong with following a tutorial on Pinterest to make something turn out exactly as you see it on your screen – I’ve done it many a times and will do it many times in the future! However, I thought this project was a good reminder that the ideas from Pinterest can sometimes serve as a jumping off point. Don’t hesitate to take an idea and run with it. Take an extra second to think about what can be changed, improved, added or modified to what you see on your screen. Add your own spin, give it something extra, make it special and make it your own!

I am in the middle of a couple big projects that should keep me busy most of the weekend. I am (finally) painting the two big pieces in our master bedroom – and if the cold weather cooperates, I am hoping to have them back in the house by the end of the weekend. I am also ready to pull out my Valentine’s Decor so I hopefully will have shots up for you soon. Next week, though, the gallery wall tour will continue with tutorials for these two projects!

See you Monday!


See You Soon!