I’ve always been a New-Year’s-Resolution-kind-of-gal! I love a new start, a clean slate, and an excuse to reflect on the past and look forward to the future! I love the feeling of working toward something, and I tend to have a pretty good track record (certainly not perfect!) of making my NY’s resolutions stick!

Don’t worry! I really don’t intend this blog to be a personal journal of my inner thoughts and feelings. But I know (from a lot of experience) that writing down resolutions is one of the only ways to make resultions stick. So is telling other people about them!  I was going to jot them down in a Word document and stick it on my desktop, but I figured this was just as good a place as any!

I realize I am a week behind in getting my goals down on “paper” (symbolic of how EVERYTHING takes a little longer now that I’m a Mommy), but I also wanted to make sure I gave these some thought and picked some things that I could really commit to and would really improve my life.

So what am I resolving to do in 2012? I have three (seemingly) simple goals to help better my body, my life, and my family!

1. Drink More Water. For one of the first times in my life, I am not stressing over pounds on the scale, the fit of my clothes, or the calories I am consuming (chock it up to the wonders of breastfeeding and the perspective of what’s really important now that I’m a parent!). However, I have really slacked on my water consumption – and I can really feel the difference! I used to drink well over 4 liters of water a day. Now, I don’t think I even get 1! I know from experience that to drink more water, I have to focus on it. So my game plan is to: 1) Drink a full glass of water with EVERY meal; and 2) Drink 3 full water bottles (750ml each) in between meals.

2. New Computer Rule.  Even though I am not much into social media (facebook, twitter), I feel like I STILL spend too much time on the computer…and that time has slipped in to while my baby is awake.  No. Good.  I am committing to a new computer rule: if the baby is awake, the computer is CLOSED. He-Man is growing up too fast already, and I don’t want to miss any play time, cuddles, or milestones because I am too busy staring at the computer screen!

3. Less is More. This one isn’t as concrete or specific, but the one I am most passionate about. My husband and I continually feel like our life is too full of the not-so-imporant stuff (junk, time drains, electronics, traffic) and not full enough of the good stuff (family time, relaxing, laughing, healthy food, exercise, meaningful pursuits). I really want us, as a family, to spend less, commit to less, and just be busy less! Less less less!  I am resolving to do more with what we have (home decor, food), spend more time with the electronics off, and work hard not to over-schedule our little family so we can spend more time together.

The holiday decor is (finally) down and now my resolutions are written (while the baby is sleeping, of course!). I am officially jumping into the New Year, and I wish you a happy one to you and yours!

See You Soon!