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THIHM Around the Web #16 (And a personal check-in!)

Hello friends!

At the end of each month, I like to check in with the posts and projects I have featured around the web. I had this post on my schedule like I do every month, and when I sat down to write it and grab the links for my most current projects, I noticed that almost all of my latest free-lance sites haven’t published my new content yet. Instead of skipping today’s post all-together, I thought I would indeed share the links for my two articles that have gone live this month, but also write a little personal check-in while I’m at it!

Have You Heard? We’re Moving…

I know I’ve mentioned it here and there, and I certainly don’t mean to sound like a broken record…but it is THE issue at the center of our lives right now. We are due to move in just a few months, but we still don’t yet know where we are headed. This time around, the news seems to be taking longer than ever, and the whole family is unraveling just a bit. For whatever reason, this move feels like an extra-big transition for me…and where we end up has so many different implications for my life, this site, and our family. Even though I try to “live in the moment” as much as I possibly can, the uncertainly surrounding us right now has put me in a full stall-out on current house projects. In our last house, I was literally hanging things on the walls in the weeks before the moving trucks came. This time around, despite my best efforts to stay motivated and work to create great ideas for you guys, I am finding myself saying “What does it matter?” “It’s all coming down soon anyway.”  “I’ll just wait for the next house.”

Many of you long-time readers know this is not my usual attitude, and I can only attribute these feelings to fatigue and frustration. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: these 1 year moves are hard. We are tired of the uncertainty and temporary-ness of life and more than ever, working on the house feels like too much work and wasted effort for the time we have left. The house is starting to feel “good enough,” and I am finding myself already anticipating the work the lies ahead in getting us re-settled in our new place…wherever it may be. And while I hate myself for saying “good enough,” those feelings are as real as they get. I do have a list of about 5-6 projects that I really want to do before we go…but the internal struggle of “is it really worth it?” is alive and well right now. Not taking on projects (that I normally would) for practical reasons has me in a bit of a creative funk that I find myself actively fighting off on a daily basis. Admittedly, doing all the small and organizational projects over the last two months have really helped me satisfy my creative urges without taking on major/wasteful overhauls…so I hope you guys are enjoying them as much as I am putting them together. All this to say, bear with me friends. I’m doing my best to live my motto to “love and make every house a home,” but I also like to keep it real for you all! Thanks for visiting each day and making all the efforts more than worth it! #grouphug

Pretty Please Check Your Bookmarks!

I have mentioned here and there over the last few weeks that I am working tirelessly behind-the-scenes to get my site speed/load issues resolved, as well as figure out why some of you see my latest content each day and why some of you don’t. To say that the back-end issues on my site have been a huge drain on my time and energy in recent months is a huge understatement. When I switched over from Blogger to WordPress last summer, I made some very rookie mistakes that I am still paying for and sorting out. After weeks of weighing options, I *think* I finally have a clear and solid way forward and there will *hopefully* be some positive and dramatic changes in the coming week.

Here is what I need YOU to do: if you visit me each and every time using a bookmark on your toolbar or a specific pin on your pins boards, please check it and make sure it reads HTTP:// There should be no “S” (as in httpS). If you visit via RSS or a feed/reader, don’t worry, nothing there will change! I am encouraged that I found a solution that should make all of this seamless to you, but in case it doesn’t work as expected, I want to make sure you can find me (compared to last Fall when I disappeared for a week and no one could find me!). More than anything, I am looking forward to getting all this technical nonsense behind me and get back to spending ALL my time creating for and growing this blog!

THIHM for The Good Stuff

Last but not least, here are two of my articles that have gone live over on The Good Stuff this month! I’d love it if you popped over and checked them out since these will never appear in full on THIHM!

Screenshot 2016-02-26 14.13.53 Screenshot 2016-02-26 14.13.58

With that, I’m closing out another great month on the blog! Next week, I’ll be sharing another great printable and related organization project that I am SUPER excited about, as well a the final 1 Dresser, 4 Transformations reveal! I hope you all have a great weekend, and Happy Leap Day on Monday!

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THIHM Around the Web #2

Happy Day-After-Christmas! I hope you all had a wonderful holiday full of good food, family and memories! We had a fantastic day high on comfort and joy and low on stress and fuss! Just the way I wanted! Hopefully, you are settling in for a good long weekend! And as such, I thought you could use some good reading to catch up on as you snuggle on the couch and drink hot cocoa! Here’s my quick monthly recap of my projects from around the web this month!

I love a good knock-off, and even more so, I love a good organization project! See my version of this Land-of-Nod Craft Caddy over on the blog! Made with wood, PVC pipe, and spray paint, it’s a super quick, easy and inexpensive project to bring some organization to your craft station! See the Craft Caddy tutorial HERE!



My Daily Bubble

Over on the My Daily Bubble blog, I am sharing my FAVORITE project of the holiday season: these oh-so-adorable Snowflake Drink Charms. These were so much fun to make (and simple too!), and I love the sparkle they bring to our holiday table! It’s not too late to make these for your New Year’s Eve bash or your next winter brunch! Get the Snowflake Drink Charms tutorial HERE!

THIHM Around the Web Series-004

Snowflake Drink Charms-002

Last but not least, I have a new gig writing posts and projects for the blog: The Good Stuff! There are a ton of great project round-ups and tutorials, on the blog, including my three articles this month:

THIHM Around the Web Series-002

How to Make Frozen’s Olaf Without Snow

20 DIY Christmas Garlands You Can Make With Your Kids

20 DIY Projects to Make Your Mantel Merry!

As always, I really appreciate you taking the time and extra clicks to support my work on other sites. These projects and tutorials will never appear here on THIHM, so be sure to follow the links for all the how-to information! I’m really proud of the content I produce for both here on THIHM and around the web, so be sure to check them all out!

And with that, my friends, I’m going to sign off for 2014! I’m going to take this next week off from the blog to relax with my family and re-charge a bit. I have lots to share with you in the New Year, starting off with those blog survey results, a new furniture makeover, an unexpected mini room makeover, and a blog design overhaul (yay!). And down the road…if you can believe it, another move (and another home!) is already on the horizon!  Thanks once again for coming around here…I know there are tons of blogs out there that you can read, and it means so much that you spend a few minutes of your week here with me! Happy New Year friends, see you back here January 5th!

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I’ve Been Featured: Project Nursery Room of the Month!

Hey Everyone!

Just a quick pop on today to ask for your VOTES!!! Project Nursery, one of THE BEST resources for baby and kid rooms, has nominated Henry’s owl-themed “little boy” room as one of their “Rooms of the Month” for February!

Here’s what I need you to do! Hop on over to Project Nursery and VOTE for Henry’s owl bedroom (the voting buttons are down at the bottom of the post).

You can vote once every 24 hours for the duration of the contest (ends February 28th), so vote early and vote often!


Thanks friends!! and Thanks to Project Nursery for this neat feature! Hope you all have a great day!Megan

Dining Room Artwork

Today, I am really, really excited to show you this little addition to our dining room! I’ve been waiting and waiting to get these prints up on the wall and am so ready to reveal one of the main sources of inspiration for our new-home decor scheme!
You see, I found these amazing FREE state printables a while back over at Marci’s adorable blog! (You’ve probably seen them; they’ve been pinned like crazy and are featured on a lot of great blogs!). People have all sorts of creative ways for using them, but I thought they would make an awesome gallery wall to showcase the places we’ve lived as a military family. 
Even though I could have found a way to make my own to match any decor scheme, I loved them so much that they partly drove our color choices and design elements for our new home (meaning: I kinda designed my house around these prints!).
The combination of Marci’s colors with the grey just “clicked” for me when I was assembling our color and fabric pallet…and now little by little, I have been peppering our home with shades of greens, blues, yellows, and reds along with heavy doses of navy and grey! 
Anyway, the only hiccup in using Marci’s prints to showcase where we’ve lived is that we started our marriage overseas in Okinawa, Japan. After contacting Marci, she happily and quickly whipped up a custom Okinawa print for me in my desired size and color…and my wall was complete!
More photos after the jump!

I had the perfect little wall to showcase these prints! It’s a small wall between the kitchen (left) and the hallway (right).

(Oooo…still love that blue wall color!!) We used our old stand-by trick of using brown paper grocery bags as a picture hanging template! Here’s what you do:

  • Flatten out brown paper bags by cutting down the sides, then tape together as many as you need to fit all your prints.
  • Next, find the center of your paper bag template, and then layout your prints around that center point in whatever motif you are going for.
  • One by one, measure the location of the hooks on your frames and transfer those measurements to the brown paper template as well.

Now it’s time to put the paper on the wall! Find the center of your wall and line it up with the center of your template. Secure the template to the wall with painter’s tape.

Drill into the holes you already measured and marked on the template earlier. Once all your nails/screws are in, peel off the paper template…

And hang your frames!

Not only do I adore the fresh, clean, modern look of these prints and the pop of color they bring to the room…but I just love how the location of them (in the center of our dining room) nods to the adjoining rooms in the house!

To the left, you can spy the green and blue kitchen…

And to the right is our grey-striped living room!

These prints are one of my favorite things in the house right now!! Whenever I pass by them or am sitting at the dining room table eating a meal, I just smile because they make me so happy. It’s fun to reflect back on each of our homes and the experiences we had, friends we made, and memories we have from each one! We often joke around here what our wall will look like by the end of this military adventure! Ha! Again, a huge thanks to Marci for designing these awesome prints and making them available to all of us! 

Be sure to come back and see me on Monday. I have a menu board update that many of you might be interested in! Until then, have a great weekend!

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No-Slip Headbands

As I think I’ve mentioned a million times, my family and I just moved to eastern North Carolina, and boy is it hot here! And based on the national news, I am pretty sure it’s hot where you are too! These days, whether unpacking boxes in the garage, going out for a run,  running errands around town, or playing at the park with my toddler, my hair is in a permanent pony tail. The only problem is that my hair is short, fine, and frizzy, which means I seemingly have a constant “halo” of wispies around my face. I am always reaching for headbands to tame those frizzes, but (until  now!), I’ve only had exercise “sweat” bands stay put long enough to do the job; and while functional, they sure aren’t fashionable!  Then recently, I was working on a project that left me with a good supply of leftover Velcro, and I knew it was just the trick for making my headbands stick (ha!).

No Slip Headbands 001

Hey, don’t knock it ’till you try it! These babies don’t move a centimeter And no, they 
do not pull your hair out when you take them off! What’s even better, they don’t take a lot of supplies, they are super quick to make (about 5-10 minutes), and are a great way to use up ribbon or scraps of fabric! Oh! And the possibilities are endless…here’s just three different ideas I came up with!

No Slip Headbands 002
Let me show you how I made each one!

Although slightly different, all three “styles” of headband follow the same construction, just with small variations. To make the “basic” ribbon top model, here is what you will need!

No Slip Headbands 003

1. Center and pin Velcro to the ribbon. Select which piece of ribbon (if they are different) will be the underside to your headband (the part that touches your head!). Center the Velcro on the RIGHT side of the ribbon (if there is one), and pin it down the length of the ribbon with straight pins. You should have an extra 1/2″ or so of ribbon on each end (beyond the Velcro).

No Slip Headbands 004

2. Sew Velcro to the ribbon. Starting in one corner (it doesn’t matter which one), sew around all four sides of the Velcro, attaching it securely to the ribbon. Try to sew as close to the edge of the Velcro as you can.

No Slip Headbands 005

Once you’ve sewn on your Velcro, this is what you’ll end up with. Note what I am calling the “right” side versus the “wrong” side.

No Slip Headbands 006

3. Pin the Velcro ribbon to the other length of ribbon. With WRONG sides together, pin the ribbon you just sewed (with the Velcro) to the ribbon you want for the top of your headband (this is the part that will show when you’re wearing it).

No Slip Headbands 007

Just to keep all the sides clear, here is what I mean by WRONG sides. Because ribbon already has a finished edge, there is no flipping involved in this project. Therefor, when you pin the two ribbons together, you want your RIGHT sides to be facing outward.

No Slip Headbands 008

5. Insert the elastic into ONE end of the ribbon. First, only attach the elastic to ONE end of the ribbon. Here is how to do it!
  • a) Fold down the end of the Velcro ribbon toward the center, just to where the Velcro starts.
  • b) Flip the whole thing over, and repeat using the outside ribbon. Essentially, fold the two ends toward each other.
  • c) Insert one end of the elastic about a 1/2″ or so and pin shut.

No Slip Headbands 009

Again, only insert it into one side (for now!)

No Slip Headbands 010

6. Sew the elastic end. Using a sewing machine, sew the elastic and the ends shut by simply going back and forth 3-4 times (to make it nice and strong).

No Slip Headbands 011

7. Sew the sides of the ribbons shut. Once the end is shut (and the elastic is firmly sewn in), sew down each side of the headband, attaching the two pieces of ribbon to each other. 

No Slip Headbands 012

But be sure to STOP at the end of each side – don’t sew the other opening shut!

No Slip Headbands 013

Here is how i recommend sewing your headband:

No Slip Headbands 014

8. Insert the elastic to the other end of the headband. Repeating the process you did in step 5, insert the elastic into the other end of the headband. (Make sure your elastic ins’t twisted!)

No Slip Headbands 015

9. Stich the headband shut. Again going back-and-forth a few times, stitch the headband shut at the other elastic insertion.

No Slip Headbands 016

And you’re all done! Easy, huh?!?

No Slip Headbands 017

After making two of these easy ribbon headbands, I really wanted to be able to do the same thing with fabric – just think of the different looks you could make with fabric as an option too! After a failed attempt at the sewing-and-flip-right-side-out approach, I went about it a different way!
To make the headband with a fabric top, you start the same way!
1. Center and pin Velcro to the ribbon. 
2. Sew Velcro to the ribbon. 

No Slip Headbands 018

3. Prepare a fabric strip. Cut a 16″+ length of fabric (or use a scrap like I did!) about 3 inches wide. Fold it in half with RIGHT sides together and sew down the edge. I used my serger to finsih the edge in order to reduce the amount of bulk on the inside of the strip once it was flipped right-side-out.

No Slip Headbands 019

4. Flip the strip right-side-out. Using a safety pin (or one of those fancy turning tools), flip your fabric strip right-side-out.

No Slip Headbands 020

5. Press the fabric flat. With the seem running down the center of the fabric strip, press the fabric strip flat.

No Slip Headbands 021

6. Pin the fabric strip to the ribbon with Velcro. Like before, with WRONG sides together, pin the fabric to the ribbon strip.

No Slip Headbands 022

Finish the headband the same way as above.

7. Pin down the length of the ribbon.
8. Fold the ends of the ribbon inwards.
9. Insert the elastic into one end.
10. Sew the elastic in and the end shut.
11. The elastic and sides should be sewn shut.
12. Finish by inserting the elastic into the remaining end and sewing shut.

No Slip Headbands 023

Love this one – just a little more glamorous!

No Slip Headbands 024

Last but not least, I added a little “ruffle” to the top of my last headband.

Again, start the same way:

1. Center and pin Velcro to the ribbon. 
2. Ruffle the ribbon. Using pins, create 5-6 ruffles/pleats on one end of the ribbon strip.

No Slip Headbands 025

3. Attach the ruffled ribbon to the Velcro ribbon. No need to baste, just go ahead and use more pins to attach the ruffled ribbon to the Velcro ribbon with WRONG sides together. Finish the rest of the headband as above!

No Slip Headbands 026

Here’s the ruffle headband after an entire day of chores around there house!
No Slip Headbands 027

And the pink ribbon one after a four mile run!

No Slip Headbands 028

I am so addicted – I can’t wait to make more!

No Slip Headbands 029

That’s all I’ve got for you today! Have a great Monday!

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