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Break Through Your Blogging Barriers with the Blog Boost Bundle!

Happy Tuesday, friends! I’m popping in with a different kind of post today…one that is geared specifically to my friends and readers who write their own blogs! (If that’s not you, I promise I’ll be back on Thursday with the basement reveal post I’ve been hinting about!) If you are a fellow blogger who is looking for a…Continue Reading

Printable Password Tracker (and some other digital organizing tips!)

As a blogger, I certainly spend more than my fair share of time on the computer. From editing photos, writing posts, researching articles and project ideas, to promoting my work (and others’!) on social media and a whole slew of personal stuff, these days it feels like I am at the computer more time than I’m…Continue Reading

A Tour of My 2016 Planner (with FREE Printable Planner Stickers!)

I originally got into DIYing because I liked being able to make things exactly as I wanted them…on my budget, in my color scheme, to my specifications. And while it is often much easier (and sometimes cheaper) to just buy store-bought versions, having something perfectly tailored to your wants and needs is pretty awesome and can…Continue Reading