September Coffee Break

Taking a few minutes to slow down, catch up, and share some thoughts about home, life, baby and more!

Hi Guys! As I’ve hinted at here and there, I’m tweaking the format of my monthly project round-ups to a new series I am calling “Coffee Break.” For a while now, I’ve realized my THIHM Around the Web posts weren’t the most fun, exciting, or interesting posts for you or me; AND I’ve been craving a way to just chat more informally here on the blog about the house, our family, the baby, our life, etc without feeling like it has to fit neatly into a project tutorial or house update. I’m not yet sure if these will be monthly or just when I’m feeling chatty; but hopefully you all will enjoy this glimpse into our life, and it will allow us all to connect and get to know each other a bit more!

Bump Update

Oh you guys – we are just one giddy and excited household over here as we wait and prepare for Baby. I’m 27 weeks tomorrow (starting my third trimester already?!?!?), and I can’t believe how fast time is going! I’m pretty sure I can thank having a busy 5 year old, a busy blog business, and a “new” house for filling up all my time! Is it really October tomorrow? (Oh gosh – that means I need to start thinking about Halloween costumes!) I remember with Henry that I was very content waiting all 40 weeks for him to arrive; then he came 3 weeks early, and I was actually a little bummed to miss those last 3 weeks of pregnancy. This time around though, I feel very impatient. I’ve got a few big projects I really want to finish before he gets here (more on that in a bit), but I find myself just wanting him here now…not because I’m done being pregnant. Rather because I just can’t wait to see him and see how Henry reacts to him. If how Henry acts toward Baby now is any indication (he is always snuggling up and talking to him in my belly), I think my heart is going to burst. I told Henry the other day that I wanted Baby here now, and he said to me, “Mom, you will just have to wait. He’s not ready yet.” Hmmmm – wonder where he’s heard that before?!?

In general, I am feeling pretty good. I’m a little bummed out that I don’t feel quite as fit, limber, and overall fine as I did when I was pregnant with Henry. I guess 6 more years in age will do that to you. I am definitely feeling more of the typical aches and pains of pregnancy (heart burn, swollen feet) and feel like I put on weight so much faster this time around (which is why you most likely won’t see a baby bump picture here or on social media). But Baby is healthy, wiggling, and growing, and I’m still so thankful he’s coming…so I’ll happily take on whatever else this pregnancy brings!

Nursery Plans

One of the big projects that I want to get done before Baby arrives is the nursery. I have been plotting and planning and fabric selecting and paint testing for the last few weeks, and I am so darn excited at the direction we are going! Kids’ rooms are my favorite to work on because you can really go wild with color and pattern. Don’t worry – you are not going to have to wait long to see – nursery posts and projects will kick off one week from today.  Beyond just being excited for Baby though, it’s also been really fun to get back into a “room makeover” frame of mind. So much of the last few months has been trying to fit and tweak our existing stuff to work in this new home…which is good and valuable and interesting in its own right. But it has been so refreshing to start from scratch and just brainstorm, plan, and have fun!

Random But Helpful…

This is so random, but each and every week when I’m doing it, I think “I should share this on the blog.” It’s not all that revolutionary (and something I am sure some of you are doing too), but it’s changed our laundry routine so much that I thought I’d share.

For almost our entire marriage (almost 11 years), I have folded our clean laundry on Sunday nights while watching TV. We’d move all the loads through during the day, then make a huge pile on the floor, and I would unwind from the weekend by folding it all and loading it into person-specific baskets. Not always but quite often however, laundry would STAY in the laundry baskets all week…clean and folded…just not put away. For whatever reason, that final step was hard for all of us to carry through on on Sunday nights at the end of a long weekend.

Then a few months ago, Greg started throwing the piles of clean clothes onto OUR bed as they came out of the dryer. So I would then go in there throughout the day and fold whatever was clean and dry and stack it up in piles on OUR bed. Wouldn’t you know that it is SO much quicker and easier to fold and put away laundry when you are in the same room it eventually goes in? Plus…we can’t go to sleep without putting all the laundry away first. So not only does it save us time by skipping that middle basket step, but the laundry actually gets put away each and every week! It’s worked so well for us that we’ve now started folding Henry’s cloths in his room, making piles on his bed. He can now go in and put everything away all by himself! It’s the little things, people!

Things I’m Loving Right Now

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  • Apple Music – I’ve been frustrated with Pandora for a while now, so Greg and I went looking for something new and decided to give the 3 free month trial a try. We are totally hooked since we can pretty much play any album from the iTunes library at any time. Lately – I’m jamming to Neil Diamond! So random, but it makes me think of home and my Mom.
  • Fruit and Tart Candy – Lately, I’ve been loving the taste of jelly beans, gummies, and other fruit and tart candy. I’m pretty sure pregnancy has everything to do with it since I’m usually a “don’t even bother unless it has chocolate in it”-type girl. My Dad came to visit last weekend and had some fruit-flavored Mentos with him. I haven’t had them in forever, and man, those were the best!
  • Powerbeats Wireless Ear Buds – I bought these for Greg last year for Christmas, but I have been using them every day for my walks in recent months. We have tried a lot of wireless ear buds over the years, and we BOTH love these….to the point where we might need another pair! They pair really easily to my phone, fit snug, and never fall out. #notsponsored – just something we really love!

THIHM Around the Web!

Last but not least, I still plan to link up all the articles and projects I’ve created for other sites each month at the end of these Coffee Break posts. In many ways, my free-lance work allows me to create content here on THIHM, and I do think some of the projects and topics will continue to interest you (I hope!). As usual, these posts/tutorials will never appear here on THIHM, so just click on the picture to head straight to the articles!

Things to Check Before You Sign Your Lease Ways to Ensure You Get Back Your Security Deposit Things to Do After You Move Into Your Next Rental Clever Spots to Carve Out More Storage  DIY Chore Chart School Work Display Frames DIY Monogram Key Chains

Alright….with that, I’m going to sign off for the week! I’d love to hear what you think of this new casual post and/or if you have any great tips/tricks that have rocked your daily life lately? Share in the comments below!

Next week: a look inside our kitchen drawers AND nursery plans! See you then!

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15 Responses to September Coffee Break

  1. Clicking the picture didn’t lead me to the post. Was I supposed to do something else? Love the chat format and your writing voice.

  2. Love this new format! It’s always fun to hear little life updates. I’m right there with you avoiding “bump” pictures – I’m expecting my third and am horrified by how much I’m showing!

    • Hey Megan!

      So after reading my post, my sisters begged for a picture so I sent them one…begrudgingly! They said I don’t look nearly as large as I feel – thank goodness, lol!

      Hope you’re feeling great too!

  3. Love the coffee break idea! Curious what has been frustrating you with Pandora — increasing ads? Seems like they changed their algorithm too.

    Great laundry tip, too! I have 2 tips that have been life-changing: (1) I will only do laundry on weekdays. I found laundry was quickly taking up precious Sat & Sun mornings & afternoons and I want to use that time for creativity. (2) Started doing laundry every 2 weeks ever since I learned that we wear 20% of our clothes 80% of the time. By washing & putting away everything so quickly after wearing it, I was making it too easy to keep choosing the same articles of clothing over & over. Now it forces us to wear what we have, and I have found it isn’t much more work putting it all away.

    Looking forward to your posts next week!

    • Hey Lauren!

      That is SO interesting about how much we wear certain clothes – but now that you say it – I can totally believe it! And I think you make a great point about doing laundry on the weekdays – I’ve always done Sundays but have lately been feeling the same way you mention: that it’s eating up our “family time.” Maybe I’ll try shifting it around since I am home so much during the week!

      Thanks for sharing and hope you have a great weekend!

  4. My approach to laundry is just the same as to all household tasks – ‘little and often’. I find if I do a couple of loads every day then it never becomes overwhelming and just fits in much better as I go along. I’d always much rather, for instance, iron for half an hour three or four times a week than do it in one long session once a week.

    • Really great points, Sally! Thanks for sharing!

      My worry is if I start a load each day, I’ll forget about it! I guess it’s all about finding/establishing new routines, though!

      Thanks again, and have a great night!

  5. I can’t wait for nursery’s plan and all the rest of the house decorated in order to get some inspiración. I read you from Perú and I like your “coffee break” 😉

    • Thanks so much Monica!

      So glad to have you follow along – and sit tight – those nursery updates are coming soon!


  6. Hi Megan What a lovely idea these coffee breaks even if I don’t like coffee at all so I will call them tea breaks ! 🙂
    It’s so good you spoke about Neil Diamond as I like him so much too
    And the fruit Mentos which makes me think about the trips in car with my parents when I was young
    It’s so nice to share all these little things that make us closer to you
    I’m longing forward to hearing about the nursery

  7. Firstly, I like this new format, it’s a nice place to write about the random and misc bits of life!

    Secondly, I kept meaning to comment on your recent house tour and say thank you for being real and not hiding things out of frame! Haha! I love seeing real life, and it’s a good reminder that as renters who move a lot not everything will find a new home quickly- settling in is a process and that’s OK!!

    Thirdly, yes to the laundry idea! I got rid of all but one laundry basket last year and it has made such a difference! I do the same by bringing the laundry to its proper room and folding/hanging it up in there. Game changer!

    Sorry for the novel, lol! Glad you’re feeling well overall, and even if you don’t want to share with the world I hope you are documenting your glowing self- especially if you think this babe will be your last. Don’t let your insecurities get the best of you, you are growing a human being in your belly and it’s awesome!!

  8. Love, love, love that we get to hear about family and life without needing a reason or project!

    My laundry routine (that has been working great for the last 7 years).
    – three baskets in our room: darks, lights, and whites
    – in the morning whichever basket is closest to full goes to the washer
    – while the load is washing I’m doing my kitchen stuff (empty dish rack, make breakfast, wipe counters)
    – as soon as kitchen stuff is done clothes get moved to dryer
    – folding/hanging gets done when I have a moment in the day (it is only one load, so 10 minutes max)
    – folded AND hanging stuff are put back in the basket and the basket on the stairs
    – child is responsible for taking the basket up, putting away her clothes, and putting basket on our bed
    – when hubby comes home he changes so he puts away our clothes while he is at it

    If I have no full baskets then I rotate through other washing: rags/dust cloths (kept in a bin in the laundry room), dog beds, sheets, throw blankets, etc. I have also insisted that clothes must be dirty to wash them (which seems obvious, but isn’t apparent to teenagers). So rule of thumb is that shirts get worn twice and jeans 2-3 times (obviously if there is sweat or dirt involved we don’t wait).

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