The Organization Toolbox | 100+ FREE Printable Pages to Help Organize Your Life & Home!

Just over 3 months ago, I set out to do a 12-week long organizational printable series to kick off the New Year. It was an idea I actually had for a long time, but for some reason, was always too nervous to take it on. I often wondered: Would anybody like my printables? Would I run out of printables to make? Would I enjoy making them? Would people actually download them? Would people actually use them? Would people really subscribe in order to get access to them? Despite these worries, the idea of slowly and steadily building a free printable library for you guys was really exciting to me; so fingers crossed and eyes shut tight, I hit publish on The Organization Toolbox! Twelve weeks later, I now have over 100+ FREE printable pages across 13 different kits available for download. Thousands of you have subscribed to gain access to them, and honestly…I am just so proud of it all! Before I sign off on this series (for now!), I wanted to do a quick re-cap all the great printables now available for download over in The Organization Toolbox!

The Organization Toolbox | 100+ FREE Printable Pages to Help Organize Your Life & Home

Over the 12 weeks, I have made 13 different printable kits that will help you organize various aspects of life and your home. From kitchen organization to garage sale planning, linen closet labels to planner stickers, there are so many great resources jam packed into one single spot! All 13 kits are designed with the same color scheme, fonts, and structure and are meant to work together! Additionally, each corresponding blog post is filled with tons of great tips, tricks, and ideas for using the printables and tidying up certain areas of your home and life. Catch up on all The Organization Toolbox posts by clicking the photos below!

Use these printable holiday decor labels to organize your bins and label them for easy finding next season!  Keep track of all the spices you have on hand with this Spice Inventory! Make your planner extra pretty with these adorable FREE printable planner stickers!  Keep everyone in the house on the same page with these printable magnetic reminder signs! Keep track of all your weekly to-do's with these pretty printable planners.  Get your linen closet organized with these pretty printable labels! Keep track of everything you have stored in your freezer with this easy-to-use freezer inventory (and printable freezer labels!)  Keep track of all those passwords with this pretty printable tracker! Pretty printables make sticking to your diet and exercise routine fun and easy!  Get those kids' clothes labeled correctly for deep storage or up-coming sales with these printable labels! This Printable Project Planner helps you plan every detail for your next DIY!  The Garage Sale Prep Kit helps you plan every detail for your next garage sale! A Productivity Planner helps you organize your daily tasks and appointments!

If you would like your own copy of these great printables, they are now ALL available for download over in The Organization Toolbox! If you need access to my Organization Toolbox, simply subscribe to THIHM Newsletter below and the Organization Toolbox Password will be delivered straight to your inbox!

(Pssst – if you’re already a subscriber, the password was delivered in the most recent newsletter! If you just subscribed but didn’t receive the final password email, please check your Spam/Trash folders! The password is is case sensitive…please use ALL CAPS!)

Already have access? Visit the Organization Toolbox HERE to access 100+ free printable pages!

My goal for all of these printables was for them to be useful. And pretty, but mostly useful! I wanted to develop worksheets, kits, and labels that would help make your homes a bit tidier, your organization systems a bit prettier, and ultimately, your lives a bit easier. It has been so incredibly fulfilling to see so many of you downloading the files, and hearing directly from some of you about how you’re using them. Working on this Toolbox and seeing your response has truly been the highlight of my year so far! Thank you for taking this journey with me!!!

The Organization Toolbox | 100+ FREE Printable Pages to Help Organize Your Life & Home

What I thought would be a hard, long, laborious project turned out to be so incredibly fulfilling. Not only have you all been loving these printables, but I have thoroughly enjoyed creating them far more than I thought I would. In fact, working on these has given me SO MANY ideas for new series, projects and MORE printable kits. For those of you who are ready to see this printable series end, sit tight: I’ve got a lot of great DIY content coming up next week! For those of you who can’t get enough printables from me, tune in two weeks from today for a really fun announcement!

I’ll be back Thursday with my end-of-the-month round up! See you then!

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4 Responses to The Organization Toolbox | 100+ FREE Printable Pages to Help Organize Your Life & Home!

  1. Cannot wait to see what else you have in store. I have loved the weekly planning sheet. I take one with me at all times, and I use it to jot down what is going on, my grocery list, and my menu plan for the week(I usually put the dates on the week). Then when that week is over, I put it in a file folder and pull out the next weeks. It is fun to see what has happened over the last few weeks/months. Kinda like a mini journal. What has been super fun is my preschooler has found my planner page and has helped mom decorate it. I love seeing his cute scribbles or his name written out. Thank you for spending the time to make something so useful for me. 🙂

  2. Hi Megan
    I can’t imagine that these 12 weeks are over, ” as time goes by” says the song !
    Thanks a lot once again for all these useful of course, your main goal, but so lovely too, the icing on the cake may I say or the cherry on the cake as it is said in French !
    I wish you a happy week. Michèle

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