Organize This: Batteries

Okay…so I know I promised our Linen Closet reveal today. However, a specific project within the Linen Closet unexpectedly took on a life of its own (#storyofmylife), and I’m pretty excited about it. So before I show you the full closet reveal, I want to share this quick project first! Plus, we’re due for our next Organize This project…so the timing really couldn’t be better. I promise I’ll show you the finished linen closet soon, but today…let’s talk about batteries!

Organize This: Batteries | Make a Battery Kit!

Organizing the batteries wasn’t really on my task list for our linen closet makeover. We had all of our batteries corralled in a basket, so they were easy to find whenever we needed them. However, when we moved last summer, I threw them all into a giant Ziplock bag for transport (packers won’t move batteries), and they were still in that exact same bag until this week. Rummaging around the bag had become a nuisance, so I decided to come up with a better solution!

Batteries | Before

A trip the garage and and an hour in my craft room later, we now have a snazzy new Battery Kit, and I am so excited about it. It’ the little things, people!

DIY Battery Kit

Not only are the batteries now in a more space-savvy container (rather than just a large open basket), but they are all separated by size/type so finding just the right battery (or assessing which ones are out!) is easy peasy!

Organized Battery Kit

Like I said, this was a spur-of-the-moment project I wasn’t planning on. But now that it’s done, I really wish I had done it sooner. Best of all? I used all items we had one hand so this fun little organization project didn’t cost me a penny!

When I was trying to figure out a better way to store our batteries, I remembered my friend Jen’s post. I was literally about to empty one of my craft boxes to copy her when I remembered we had a single-layer hardware organizer sitting empty out in the garage. I sure love to purge, but I almost always hang on to organizers. I’m so glad I did because look at how well this adjustable toolbox fits batteries!

Organize This: Batteries

At first, I loaded in all the batteries, got rid of all the trash, snapped the case shut and called it a day. But if you guys know me at all, you can guess that the bright yellow dividers were really, really bugging me. So….I gave it a makeover (#ofcourse). Some paper and tape later, here we are:

Update a Toolbox

Now…admittedly, this project airs on the side of “Seriously? You made over a hardware box? Do you have nothing better to do with yourself?” Trust me, I was saying it to myself the entire time I was working on it. I’m often saying I don’t have time for anything these days, but this was one of those projects that just made me happy and I really wanted to do it…so I did. I’ve had a long week and had a bunch of things on my mind…and it was so nice to just sit in a quiet, empty house and work on something that sparked my creativity and made me smile. Sometimes, I need projects like this, do you? If you’re interested in a little makeover like this one, here is what you need and what I did!

To Make a Battery Kit

Supplies Needed:

  • Single-layer hardware organizer with adjustable dividers. (It looks like this specific one is no longer available, but THIS ONE is similar!)
  • Patterned Cardstock
  • Washi or Duck tape (I used this extra wide tape from Hazel & Ruby)
  • Double-sided tape
  • Vinyl or peel-and-stick letters
  • Tools: scissors/paper trimmer, e-cutter (optional)

Start by removing whatever dividers come out of your organizer and measuring the base of each compartment. Using a paper trimmer, cut down sheets of patterned cardstock to dimensions that will comfortably fit into the base of each section. Secure the papers with double-stick tape.

Organize This: Batteries | Paper Liners in Toolkit

The splash of pattern along the bottom of the organizer was just for fun…but it was really the yellow dividers that bothered me the most. At first, I thought I would just have to embrace the color, but when I realized the extra-wide washi tape I had on hand from my Rugby-Striped Dresser Makeover stuck really, really well…I decided to give it a go!

To cover your dividers, pick a tape that will hold tight to the plastic (Duck tape, vinyl, and washi tape should all work fine). Don’t worry about wrapping it just right. Simply wrap the dividers in the tape and then trim away the bottom and side excess with a craft knife. The tape should cling to all the ridges on the dividers just fine, and they should still slide into their slots with ease. What’s even MORE fun is that I didn’t use up more of this awesome tape on this silly little project. I just peeled the tape off the dresser (because I’m working on another fun makeover on it!) and re-used it here!

Organize This: Batteries| Covering Dividers in Tape

Here is how my organizer looks with paper liners and tape-wrapped dividers…

Organize This: Batteries | Decorated Kit

The last step is to fill up your organizer with your batteries. Adjust compartment sizes to best fit the size and amount of batteries you have. If desired, label the sides of the compartments with a label maker. I chose not to label them (shocking, I know!) because batteries themselves are labeled, and I want to be able to adjust the compartment size (up or down) and move things around based on how many batteries we have/buy.

Organize This: Batteries

If you’d like, add a simple label to the outside of the box so it’s evident and obvious what’s inside. I cut my gold letters out of vinyl with my Cricut Explore, but you could get the same look with peel-and-stick letters from the craft store. The gold on its own wasn’t bold enough, so I added a strip of blue vinyl to the inside of the lid to help it pop.

Organize This: Batteries | Front Label

Not only are our batteries now sorted, easy to find and access, but we have a pretty happy battery kit to boot!

Organize This: Batteries | Make Your Own Battery Kit!

Organize This: Batteries

Organize This

My Organize This series is all about (relatively) simple and quick organizing projects that make a big difference in your day-to-day life. These aren’t intended to be large organizational overhauls, but rather quick sessions you can accomplish in an afternoon or weekend! This battery project is exactly that: quick and easy enough to do THIS weekend! Catch up on other projects in this series by clicking on the pictures below:

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How do you store your batteries? Have you come up with other creative uses for these hardware organizers? Do you think you might give this one a try? Be sure to let me know what you think in the comments below!

Organize This: Batteries

I hope you guys have an awesome long weekend! I’ll see you back here on Tuesday with a freezer inventory printable and matching labels. Can’t wait for you to see them!

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14 Responses to Organize This: Batteries

  1. Hi Megan. Happy Valentine’s weekend. This is a great way to,store batteries. However, based on your picture I am concerned about how the 9volt batteries are stored. It looks like the terminals (the knobby things on top) are exposed. If these should bump into other things, or each other they “could” cause a fire. Fire experts recommend covering the terminals with electrical tape, or the batteries should come with a little black snap on cap, or else store them in their original packaging. Please research this on the Internet. Jen from I Heart Organizing did a post prior to the one you linked in your post today and several of her commenters noted the same fire hazard.

    Have a great weekend!

    • Hi Laurie!

      Happy Valentine’s Day weekend to you too! Thank you so much for this warning. I seem to remember reading something about the 9 V batteries, so I will definitely look into storing them in safer way. Appreciate your concern and hope you have a great rest of the weekend!


    • I was just going to mention the 9V batteries too but for a different reason. I don’t know if metallic washi tape has any actual metal in it but 9V batteries will spark a fire if the terminals come into contact with metal.

      • Hi Meresu!

        Thanks for your thoughts here! Since reading everyone’s comments, I have since covered the terminals of the 9V batteries with electrical tape. My husband (who used to work with lighting quite a bit) has looked over everything and said we’re safe!

        Appreciate your comment! Happy Sunday!

  2. Okay, yes, this is a crazy over the top thing to do just for batteries. And I LOVE IT!!!! I question my sanity when I do stuff like this but the giddy joy it brings me totally outweighs the crazy part. 🙂 I used my Cricut to label my fridge and my husband thought I’d officially lost my mind (he wanted to know why I stopped at labeling the actual apples). I actually just cleaned out my junk drawers in the kitchen and wanted something like this for my batteries but couldn’t find anything that wasn’t lidded so I’m still using another clear bin until I find the perfect setup. Also, yes on the 9 volts. I read about them catching fire a long time ago and they scare the daylights out of me! I store them so they don’t touch but think I’m going to add electrical tape to them today to be safe!

    • Hi Kara!

      Okay, your post TOTALLY made me laugh oh loud. Not making fun of you at all, only because I am the exact same way. My husband is always making fun of me labeling things that are obvious/in plain sight, lol. You and I must be cut from the same cloth 😉

      I’ve since covered my 9Vs in electrical tape, so now this solution is not only cute and effective but also safe!

      Thanks for reading and hope you have a great rest of the weekend!

  3. Hi Megan
    Once again what a nice project! I haven’t as many batteries as you have so I keep them in their packaging. I can inspire me from this to organize some tiny things. What about the lights bulbs, I find it hard to organize them. I keep the most used ones in a deep round box and the other ones in the garage. I hope you spent a nice week-end. Michèle

    • Light bulbs are indeed tricky! We store them in a basket in our linen closet, that I will be showing you soon so keep your eyes out for it!


    • Lol! Thanks, Karen! Sometimes it’s the completely un-necessary and totally ridiculous projects that make me the happiest! Glad you enjoyed the post and thanks for spreading the love!


  4. That is crazy cute and I love it. Those projects are always great to work on, crazy or sometimes unnecessary but SO necessary am I right? Also who cares?! If it makes you happy no matter how crazy it seems that’s all that matters 🙂

    Great work!

    Lauren | Lovely Decor

  5. I love how you jazz everything up! Anything and everything can be art! I also love this idea. I have had a battery organizer in my amazon cart for about a year. I just can’t justify buying it. I have an empty box like this in my basement right now so this is happening tomorrow!!!

    This would make a great gift for a wedding gift or graduation (filled with batteries of course).

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