How Do YOU Use Pinterest? Thoughts, Tips, and Tricks for the Blogger and Everyday User

Last December, when I gave my reader survey (I’m already gearing up for this year’s survey!), I was shocked to see how few of my readers used Pinterest. I remember thinking to myself, “Really, how do these design- and craft-loving folks not use Pinterest?” But truth be told, in the months that followed, I found my love of and daily use of Pinterest also dwindle to almost nothing. I blame it on inspiration overload, frustrations of not “living up” and “keeping up,” as well as inherent changes Pinterest made to our feeds. In fact, until just a few months ago, I had stopped using Pinterest as entertainment and a design resource all together, and only pinned my new blog content to my boards when appropriate. However, in the last few months, I’ve had a bit of a reconciling of sorts with Pinterest. While I strongly dislike a lot of the changes they’ve made (sponsored pins, buyable pins, “Picked for You” pins, etc,) I also had to acknowledge that Pinterest is my number one resource when I’m in a design pinch or creative funk AND my number one referrer of traffic of new readers to the blog. Since coming back to Pinterest, I find that I’m using it very differently than I did before. So today, I thought I would share a bit about how I use Pinterest in the hopes that you’ll follow along with me, and possibly even share how and why you do or don’t use it yourself!

Thoughts, Tips & Tricks on Pinterest for the Blogger and Everyday User


FOLLOW YOUR FAVORITE BLOGGERS. I used to primarily use my main Pinterest feed to catch up on the projects and pins of my favorite bloggers. It was a great way to see what blogs they were reading and what projects were inspiring them. However, our feeds have changed so much; and more often than not, you can’t even find pins from your favorite pinners anymore. However, using Pinterest is still one of my favorite ways to catch up on posts and projects from my favorite bloggers, as well as new-to-me bloggers and sites I haven’t checked in on a while. How do I do it? I skip my feed and go right to their boards. Most bloggers have a dedicated pin board for all the posts/projects on their site! Want a quick snapshot of a blogger’s style, expertise, tastes, and recent projects without scrolling through pages and pages of blog content? Find them on Pinterest and look for a board dedicated to their blog. You can catch up, find specific posts, and see if you want to follow this blogger more closely just by scanning this one simple board! You can see and follow my blog board here!

The Homes I Have Made Blog Pin Board

USE IT AS A SEARCH ENGINE. I am such a visual person, so Pinterest in general really appeals to me. While searching for a term/project/concept in Google Images can sometimes be fruitful, I find more and more I am searching for projects, inspirations, and specific things in Pinterest. With Google, you never quite know where your search will send you (a blog, an Etsy shop, a retailer, etc), but on Pinterest, most (not all, but most) searches will send you to a specific blog post with pictures, instructions and more. When I compile my project round-ups for The Good Stuff, I primarily use Pinterest so that I can quickly and easy find on-topic projects that are written by bloggers, have quality photographs and well-written tutorials, and most of all: are popular.

SEE REAL-LIFE EXAMPLES OF THE IDEA(S) IN YOUR HEAD. I’ve shared here on quite a few occasions that I often get stuck in the “thinking and planning” stage of a project. Especially now when we don’t have the time or resources to re-do projects that go wrong or I don’t like, I want to make sure I am entirely certain on a design concept before diving in. Again, I am such a visual person, so I often turn to Pinterest to simply get a “sense” for what my project might look like when completed. Before I wallpapered my office, I searched and searched around for rooms with only the top 1/2 of the wall papered. When I really wanted to pain Henry’s bedroom furniture bright green, I hunted around for large furniture pieces painted green and how they looked within a finished space. Seeing examples in both of these scenarios allowed me to move forward with confidence. Right now, I am helping my sister figure out a painted feature wall in her fixer-upper. She knows she wants yellow stripes, but she’s not sure about the size, color, and ultimate effect she’s going for. A quick Pinterest search helps us both better visualize how different approaches might work in her space!

Green Dressers on Pinterest


BECOME A RESOURCE. Until recently, I only used Pinterest in a self-serving way. It was a simple and visual way to catalog inspiring spaces, projects to try, tips and tricks, articles to read and more. And a lot of how I use Pinterest is still in this fashion. However, as a Blogger, I have also started creating boards that are not necessarily full of my own projects or projects I want to try, but rather are boards that serve as a resource for anyone to reference for inspiration or the solution to their specific household/design problem. I’ve recently started collecting wall treatment ideas, renter-friendly solutions, military living articles, and more. My hope is that these boards can become a quick and easy go-to resources for me (and you!) to generate ideas and find solutions that will work in your home and your life! (Click on the images to go right to these boards!)

Wall Treatments BoardRenter-Friendly Living Board











KEEP TRACK OF THE PROJECTS YOU ARE ACTUALLY GOING TO DO. As a Blogger constantly looking for the next project, I pin a lot of ideas! The problem then becomes that my good ideas become buried within my large Pinterest boards. I’ve recently started pinning the projects that I have concrete plans and ideas for to a specific Post-related board. When it comes time for me to commit to a free-lance project or a concept for our home, I have some very specific inspiration images ready to go. Once I’ve done the project or used the idea, I often shift these pins to other boards so that this becomes a very real-time, fluid, working board!

Post/Project Ideas Board

DON’T UNDERESTIMATE THE POWER OF A PIN! For years I have ignored the power of Pinterest, failing to embrace methods, programs, apps and strategies for building my following and increasing my pins’ success. And like I said, I even spent most of this year hardly using it at all. But the reality is, Pinterest is a phenomenal way for smaller blogs and businesses to gain traction and build a readership/following. If you are a new blogger, established blogger, small business owner, photographer etc, start pinning your stuff!!! You never know what pin will take off and bring you lots of new traffic and new readers. Trust me when I say that I certainly never imagined my 10-minute Glittered Pinecone project (that I almost never published!) would be re-pinned like crazy, sending a ton of traffic and new readers my way (yes, that single pin has been re-pinned over 22,000 times and brings me a heck of a lot of traffic!). In the same way, several of my older projects have gone viral over the years, bringing lots of new readers this way. The reality is, Pinterest may drive us crazy in so many ways, but it sure helps blogs and creative businesses grow. In fact, I’d be curious to know how many of you regular readers came here via a pin your found on Pinterest and decided to stay. I am currently in the throws of figuring out these aforementioned apps and strategies of building my following and the success of my pins. It’s not fun or easy, but I believe it will get my content in front of the people who want it!

Glittered Pincones Pin

So I am really curious to know how do YOU use Pinterest? Do you use it? If so, how? Do you follow your favorite bloggers? Do you pin their content? I’m trying to learn more about MY readers and how YOU guys use this tool. Any insights you can provide would be much appreciated! And while I’m at it, don’t forget to follow me by clicking the button below!

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Happy weekend, friends! See you back here Monday with a house update (finally!)

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7 Responses to How Do YOU Use Pinterest? Thoughts, Tips, and Tricks for the Blogger and Everyday User

  1. Your blue and yellow command center wall brought me here, but I don’t remember if I found it on Pinterest or one of the challenges/link ups on iHeart Organizing… but *I* pinned it myself, lo those many moons ago. I still bump into it in the wild and I always smile and think, “Dudes, that was 3 iterations and 1 house ago!” LOL

    I’m not on Pinterest as much as I used to be because of the ads and algorithmic changes (UGH) but I almost always go to Pinterest before Google if I’m searching for images or how-tos. I do follow my favorite bloggers and also bloggers I don’t read anymore but who have fantastic curation. Most of my favorite pins are ones that are not related to their blogs but what has struck them with inspiration (if that makes sense).

    • Hey Bonnie!!!

      This comment literally made me laugh out loud! (“Dudes, that was 3 iterations and 1 house ago!”) I LOVE knowing that some of my readers are out there keeping track of all my crazy do-overs and re-tries!

      However you found me, I’m so glad you did. Your comments are always kind and encouraging…and I love knowing you’re out there! Sounds like we’re on the same page with Pinterest. They keep evolving, so maybe it will come back to being a more helpful platform for keeping up with bloggers again…fingers crossed at least!

      Hope you had a great weekend!

    • You are most welcome, Heidi! As frustrating as Pinterest can be though, it sure is a great tool for us bloggers, isn’t it!

      Hope you had a great weekend!

  2. I use pinterest to find the class party crafts.
    I have noticed that most of the blogs/pinners I follow don’t show up in my feeds and that does drive me crazy. But like you said I can quickly go to their site and see what’s up.
    I think the thing about pinterest that drives me most crazy is the pin boards that have loads of pinners that pin things to it. I don’t love seeing a bunch of projects/stuff in my feed when all I wanted was the one person.
    Thanks for this post. This gives me something to think about. And now to go clean out my boards. I have loads of junk that I won’t use. My tastes have definitely changed over the years! (And yes I did a version of your painted and glittered pinecones. LOVE them.)

    • You made the pinecones, really?? I love hearing when people actually do my projects! I often wonder if people really try them.

      I totally hear you on the group boards. Before this whole “picked for you” nonsense, all of a sudden my feeds would be filled with people I didn’t recognize, and it drove me crazy. Now my feed is ALWAYS full of people I don’t recognize so I almost never use it.

      I recently spent a whole night cleaning up my boards. What a pain, but now I feel like i can find things again, lol! Good luck!

      Hope you have a good week!

  3. Hi Megan
    I don’t often go to see Pinterest, maybe I discovered it after the changings they made and I find it a bit confusing !
    I discovered your blog through Iheartorganizing itself discovered through another blog and that’s all for me.
    I would like to comment more but I’m grieving today, too sad and sleepy after such a short night due to the horror in Paris. Have a nice week-end and I’m looking forward to seeing your hometour, a joyful thought ! Michèle

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