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Happy Friday, friends! Whoop – another week has come to an end! I’ve been a busy bee on this side of the screen, knocking out a bunch of things before the big Thanksgiving week next week. I always said I’d never work on Christmas stuff before Thanksgiving; but alas, I’ve been knee deep in some fun holiday projects lately, and I can’t wait to start revealing them after Thanksgiving! Today, I’m super excited to be popping in to reveal my latest organization project…one that I hinted at last week and squeezed in before holiday stuff started taking over my home. I am super excited about this DIY Jewelry Organizer, and I think you guys will love it too!

DIY Jewelry Organizers

DIY Jewelry Organizers

Before I dive into the tutorial, a little back story and confession time! In my roundup of 12 awesome DIY board projects last week, I listed this jewelry board as one of my favorites. And truth be told, I really love the concept of using knobs and hardware for jewelry storage, and didn’t have any issues with it. But if you take a peek at the board below (as it hung in my closet until last week), four of the knobs were missing. Those knobs were actually from the big black desk that used to be in our NC office. When I swapped the original desk knobs for pretty gold ones, the chrome knobs were used on this board to hold bracelets and more necklaces. Well…when we sold that desk upon moving here to Kansas, I put all the original hardware back on the desk…leaving my jewelry organizer without some necessary storage spots!

Jewelry Board Before

Originally, my plan was to just update my original board with new hardware and fabric. However, you folks know me well enough by now to know that I always like to re-assess my storage situation (as well as our current home needs) and adjust as necessary. If I’m going to re-do a project after all, I might as well on improve it while I’m at it right? When I thought about the pros and cons of my current jewelry system, there were a few things I loved:

  • Having my jewelry all out in the open (which meant I could see it more and was more inclined to put it on daily!)
  • Having my jewelry up on the wall
  • Having dedicated spots for necklaces, bracelets and earrings

There were also a few things I didn’t love:

  • The cup pulls (which I originally intended to put stud earrings in) were too high to see into. Therefor, I lost sight/track of all my stud-type earrings.
  • While I didn’t have a ton of bracelets, the knobs were not ideal for storing them…they fell off way too easily!
  • I did indeed love all my necklaces lined up on pretty drawer pulls, but I didn’t love that it required me to clasp/un-clasp every time I wanted to hang one up or take one down.

With these likes and dislikes in mind, I set off in search of a new system that could occupy the same space on my wall and fulfill the same purpose, but fix the few functional problems I was having. After some poking around on Pinterest (of course), I devised a system that not only stored my jewelry in the perfect way for me and this house, but was also cheap, easy, and looked awesome!

DIY Jewelry Organizers

As you can probably tell, this jewelry organizer is made with simple lengths of 1x2s, cup hooks, and a basic wooden dowel. The top and bottom row are essentially the same, but hung at different heights, they are suited for different types of jewelry! All the wood slats are attached to the wall with command hooks, making this a completely renter-friendly and hardware free project!

DIY Jewelry Organizers | Blue and Gold with Hooks

The hooks along the top row are for holding earrings, the middle row with the rod is ideal for bracelets, and the bottom row of hooks is for all my necklaces. My husband thought I put too many hooks. Clearly he was wrong…there is plenty of room for expansion!

DIY Jewelry Organizers | Earrings & Bracelets

DIY Jewelry Organizers | Necklace Hooks

Not only is this project functional and fantastic to look at, it really is a simple DIY project. It can be a bit tedious, so it’s a great one to work on while catching up on your favorite shows! Here’s what you need:

  • 1x2s cut down to your desired length (mine measure about 20″)
  • Cup hooks in your color choice (I believe they come in gold and white)
  • Wooden dowel (be sure to pick a size that fits easily into the cup hooks)
  • Paint and/or stain for decorating the wood
  • Tools (not pictured): Painters tape, ruler/tape measure, pencil, drill/drill bit, sanding block
  • Command hooks or hanging hardware (not pictured)

DIY Jewelry Organizers Supplies

Okay! So this is a tutorial where I am going to say “Do as I say, not as I do!” I was racing a stretch of rainy days, so I chose to do my spray paint first, then the stain. If I had dry days in the forecast and/or were going to do this project again, I would stain first, then tape and spray on the accent design. That said, here’s how these babies came together!

Start by cutting down the 1x2s to your desired lengths and sand off the rough edges with a sanding block. Next, stain or paint the 1x2s in your desired base color. To create some geometric shapes, randomly tape out patterns at various places across the boards.

DIY Jewelry Organizers Tutorial

If you’re going to be using spray paint, you’ll need to cover/mask off the parts of the wood you don’t want painted. I find that all-purpose wax paper is perfect for this job!

DIY Jewelry Organizers Tutorial

Next, spray or paint on your accent color and then remove the tape to reveal the design! Like I said above, I painted first and then stained, meaning I had to re-tape the entire gold design before staining. It worked out fine, it just meant I had to tape twice. Instead of using paint, I chose to use some Indigo Minwax gel stain I received as a free trial forever ago. I’ve been trying and trying to find a project to use it on, and this one was the perfect candidate! I really love staining and don’t do it nearly enough. I find it so easy to work with and really gratifying for some reason…perhaps because it dries so fast compared to paint! These boards took two coats of stain, applied about 30 minutes apart, for the pretty deep blue color!

DIY Jewelry Organizers Tutorial

DIY Jewelry Organizers Tutorial

With your boards decorated as you like, it’s time to add all the hooks! Start by determining what distance apart you want your hooks (mine are 0.75″ apart). Use a ruler and a pen/pencil to mark the hole placement and then use a drill and tiny drill bit to pre-drill each little hole.

DIY Jewelry Organizers Tutorial

With all the holes pre-drilled, plop yourself down with a pile of hooks and get to work twisting each one in. It can be a bit tricky to make sure they all end up twisted in the same amount, but once all was said and done, it was hard to tell which ones were twisted in more than others. So don’t stress about it, just get those hooks on!

DIY Jewelry Organizers Tutorial

As I mentioned above, the hooks for the earrings and necklaces were done exactly the same. For the bracelets, I just put one hook on each size and slid a painted dowel between the two.

DIY Jewelry Organizers Tutorial

DIY Jewelry Organizers Tutorial

DIY Jewelry Organizers Tutorial

Instead of screwing them directly to the wall or using mounting hardware of some sort, I decided to give Command strips a try. Sure enough, they secure these boards flat against the wall and are strong enough to hold the weight of the jewelry no problem! Renter-friendly hanging for the win!

DIY Jewelry Organizers Tutorial

To hang them, I simply places the command strips on the back and then used a level when pushing them on to the wall. I used some jewelry on each bar as a guide to determine how far apart to space them vertically.

DIY Jewelry Organizers Tutorial

The last step was to load up all my jewelry!

DIY Jewelry Organizers | Necklaces

DIY Jewelry Organizers | Necklaces

I really love that all my necklaces and earrings have individual/dedicated hooks, and that I no longer have to clasp/un-clasp the necklaces just to get them on and off. The bracelet bar may prove a nuisance over time, but I don’t wear them nearly as much, so I think it will work just fine! I’ll keep you posted on that one. Oh – and if you’re curious about my stud earrings, I keep them in that little pewter dish on my bedside table.

DIY Jewelry Organizers | Bracelets & Necklaces

As you saw from the “before” picture, my master bedroom closet gets zero sunlight, so I admittedly staged these photos on the other side of our bedroom to get some good pictures. These jewelry organizers have since been moved to the same spot the board was in my closet, and I am just so giddy to have my jewelry organized and displayed in such a way! I can’t emphasize enough how simple of a project this was…and since the holidays are around the corner…this would also make an awesome DIY gift for any jewelry lovers in your life! I’d love to know what you think of this one!

DIY Jewelry Organizers

And with that, I’m signing off for the week! I hope you guys all had a good one and have a fantastic weekend ahead! I’ll be here Monday and Wednesday of next week…so in between all your holiday travels shenanigans, be sure to come by and check out the latest!

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  1. I need something like this for my bracelets. They are shoved in a little 3 drawer thing and I can never find the one I am looking for. Although that said I usually wear the same 5 over and over so it just might be time to unload some of them. And my necklaces are in a pretty jewelry box that can hang some necklaces…but I think I have way too many. This is such a pretty idea. Worth sharing with my girls. If I teach them now….maybe they will be better than their mom! Thank you for sharing a sweet and easy diy.

  2. Hi Megan
    A really lovely and useful jewelry display ! Mine is deep in jewel bowes all mixed together and so you have to turn and turn everything to find or not the one you want and what a mess even if I don’t wear them so much, maybe because of the big stuff to take them from these places.
    What I do love the more is that even for a one year stay in this house you do so many things, yes I know some will been used elsewhere. Have a nice week-end, ours is very rainy here. Michèle

  3. Due to House of Turquoise I came across your blog and took a little journey tha made my morning worth while ( I hope I’m writting correctly). Loved your blog, your DIY ideas and specially your lemon-lime console :). I subscribed your news and won’t leave you ever. XOXO

    • Hi Maria!

      I am so glad you found me and love my site! I am so happy to have you following along. Thank you for taking the time to leave this super kind comment. I’ve had somewhat of a rough week, so your dedicated and support really meant the world to me this week – thank you!

      Have a great weekend!

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