Productivity Printable (and a Mini Printable Blog Hop!)

Happy Friday, everyone! (and also a big welcome to new friends joining me today from Lovely Decor and I Heart Organizing, I’m so glad you’re here!)

Boy do I have a treat in store for you guys today! I am teaming up with a reader, friend and fellow blogger, Lauren of Lovely Decor, to share some FREE time management printables with you all. And if that isn’t exciting enough, I’m also squeezing in a quick and easy tutorial for my latest thrift score find. So grab a cup of coffee or a cocktail (depending on what time it is!), settle in, and let’s get to it!

Productivity Printable

I’m going to start off with a confession. Despite what it may appear like here on the blog, I have been majorly struggling with my productivity lately. And I mean STRUGGLING! Yes, I’m keeping up with my M/W/F blog schedule and all my free-lance assignments, but honestly…it’s been by the skin of my teeth lately, and it’s starting to take a toll. And the worst part? It doesn’t need to. For the first time since Henry was born, I have found myself with 12 child-free hours during the week while he is at preschool; and instead of those hours being my most productive of the week, they have been consistently slipping away from me. I come home from dropping him off, and I get caught up researching this, looking up that, checking blog stats, or posting updates to social media. Before I know it, I’m sucked into something that I didn’t mean to be working on, and then it turns into an eventual scramble to get my projects and posts ready in time for photoshoots and deadlines.

It’s been driving me batty, and with each week that passes on less and less sleep, I say to myself “I need a better schedule. I need a better plan.” So when my friend Laura emailed and asked if I’d be willing to do a mini blog hop and share a free organizing-themed printable, I knew EXACTLY what I would design! The one thing I desperately needed in my life: a daily productivity printable! So I made one, and I’m sharing it with you guys today!

Productivity Printable

This printable is based on the time-blocking concept of organizing tasks and your day. It is broken into two sides: tasks that need accomplishing (left) and the daily schedule for getting those tasks done (right). Like I said, I really needed a way to plan out my day and blogging tasks so that I can start using my child-free hours better and get to bed earlier. As such, I made one version of this worksheet that is very tailored for bloggers (making, photographing, editing and writing projects). But I realize that many (if not most!) of you are not bloggers, so I made a version for you too!

Let me tell you all about these worksheets and how they can work for you!

Productivity Printables

Let’s start with the blogger version. On the left-hand size are the seven main categories of tasks that I need to carve out in my day. These include: assignments or tasks that are due today / assignments or tasks that are due tomorrow / emails, phone calls and social media postings / errands and appointments / and then task lists for projects that need to be made / photographed / edited / and written. I like to check boxes, so I included 6 spots in each category to be filled and crossed off as each job is completed. Keep in mind that this is just a daily breakdown, so 6 spots may even be too generous. My goal is NOT to overload my day with an unrealistic amount of tasks to tackle.

Blogger's Productivity Printable

Blogger's Productivity Printable

The “non-blogger” productivity printable is laid out almost exactly the same although I took out the “assignment/work”-themed jargon and put in more typical daily tasks. I also left the bottom three categories blank, so you can write in whatever it is you want or need to keep track of in a given day!

Productivity Printable

Productivity Printable Write-In Space

Both printables have a daily schedule running down the right-hand side. It runs from 6-midnight, and includes spots for every 30 minutes.

Productivity Printable Daily Schedule

Whether you’re a blogger/writer or not, I hope you’ll be able to use one of these two printables to make better use out of your day!

Productivity Printables

Let me show you how I am using this worksheet. This printable is not intended to replace my planner, but to work along side  it. Within my planner, I keep track of running/long-term appointments, due dates, my blog schedule, family obligations, holidays, etc. But even though I was jotting down my To-Do list in my planner, I was lacking a specific plan to get those things done. With this worksheet, I first write down everything that I need and want to accomplish in that day. These aren’t long-term to-dos or ideas (those go in my planner)…these are things that should be done TODAY. Using the tasks listed on the left, I then populate my daily schedule, factoring in appointments, travel time, and a reasonable timeframes I need and should spend on various tasks. With my day mapped out, it’s really on me to keep to the schedule and move onto new things when my time is up!

Daily Productivity Printable

I’ve printed a stack of these printables and have loaded them into my new adorable memo holder next to my computer. My plan is to fill one out each night before I go to bed for the following day. That way when I get home from dropping Henry off at school or we get home from the gym (on our off school days), I’ve already mapped out a plan to get through the day, which will hopefully make me more productive during those child-free hours. I can already feel myself breathing a sigh of relief!

Productivity Printable

By the way, isn’t my new memo holder about the cutest thing ever?

Thrift Score Treasure

A few weeks ago, I popped into a (somewhat shady!) thrift store in town and found this old memo holder for $4. I could instantly tell the wording was real brass, and since the brass part was easily removable with screws on the bottom, I knew it was a perfect candidate for a makeover!

Thrift Store Treasure

Within minutes, I had the whole thing disassembled…

Thrift Store Treasure

I spray painted the wooden base (after some cleaning) with some seafoam-colored spray paint, and then used trusty Bar Keepers Friend to shine up the brass words. Below is quick glimpse to show you how well Bar Keepers Friend works (cleaned on the right, original on the left). It works so well, so quickly…it’s like magic!

Barkeeper's Friend on Brass

With everything cleaned up and given new life, I re-assembled the memo holder. I am smitten with this new accessory for my desk!

Thrift Store Treasure

Between my new productivity printable and my not-so-subtle memo holder telling me to get to work, hopefully I will have some more productive days (and restful nights!) ahead!

Productivity Printable

So I imagine you’re wondering how you can get this FREE printable, right?! Well dear friends…all you have to do is subscribe to my NEW newsletter mailing list below, and you will be able to download it upon confirmation! Easy! (PLEASE NOTE: this list is DIFFERENT than getting my daily posts emailed to your inbox, so even if you already subscribe to my post feed, subscribe here too!)

Free Productivity Printable Download

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Productivity Printable

And wait…there’s more! This is a mini blog hop, remember! Right now, Lauren is also sharing a different productivity printable that will help you plan, organize and execute home projects! So go visit Lauren, say hi, and snag this handy one too!

Project Planner Printable

I do hope you all will subscribe and use and love these printables. I have big hopes and plans for this site, and it’s time I start making them a reality. Both this printable and this newsletter list are steps in the right direction. And as always, friends, if you know someone who may enjoy my projects and home updates, share this post (or any of my posts!) using the share buttons below.

Organize This: Time

I really had hopes of sharing a bigger desk update with you in this post, but I couldn’t quite squeeze everything in this week. BUT, I do have a wonderful office organizing project live right now over on I Heart Organizing, that I know you guys will love, so run over there too and check it out.

And with that, my friends, I’m out for the weekend! See you back here Monday!

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9 Responses to Productivity Printable (and a Mini Printable Blog Hop!)

  1. What a great project & thrift store find! It looks so good now!That cleaning stuff works some serious magic, instant clean.

    What a awesome printable and it was so much fun to this blog hop with you 🙂 I cant wait to get your new newsletter in my inbox as well. A new eBook?!?!! Wow I can’t wait for that.

    Lauren Baxter | Lovely Decor

    • Yep! The e-book has been on my mind/heart for a long time now. I want to launch next Spring, so this really was the push I needed to start getting you all excited AND get me motivated to start! Thanks for the blog hop! So fun, and hope you saw some traffic head your way!

  2. This printable is perfect timing. My 4 year old starts preschool next week. (I am so slow at enrolling him!) And I find more and more of my day just eaten away by dumb things like sleeping or watching stupid shows, not being as productive as I could me. I am so excited to get this and start using it. Thinking about laminating a few copies, so I can plan for more than just today. It would be nice to take the preschool breaks and make them for fun things instead of trying to just keep my head above water. Thank you so much for this!

    • Happy weekend, Kristie!

      Laminating it is SUCH a good idea, might have to steal that, lol!

      I’m glad you found the printable useful. I don’t want it to seem like I need a regimented schedule every day, but I HAVE to get my act together….so.much.wasted.time! Hope it works for you too, keep me posted 🙂


    • Hi Claudine!

      Yep, you read that right 😉 It’s been on my heart for a while now, and this little teaser was not only to start getting you guys excited, but also to kick me into gear to actually get it in motion and done!

      Have a great weekend!

  3. Hi Megan
    What a lovely post and how nice of you to share these nice printables ! I will have no excuses not to tackle any new project at home now. It will be nice too to receive your newsletter and a e-book, really, what a nice teaser ! 🙂 Do you know some French people use this word as an anglicism ? Have a nice week-end, a cold one here in my place. Michèle

    • Hi Michele!

      Thank you so much! I am excited about some plans and products I’ve had sitting in my heart for a while. This “teaser” was not only to start getting you all excited but get me motivated to make these things start happening! Excited to know I have cheerleaders out there rooting for me!


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