Welcome to the All-New The Homes I Have Made!

Well, HEEEELLLOO there, friends! And welcome to the brand new The Homes I Have Made!!!

It’s been a long few weeks behind the scenes on this end of the screen! I certainly didn’t mean to be away so long (hello computer crash AND major design glitches to work through!), but after many weeks of long days and late nights all in front of the computer, I (finally!) have a fancy new landing zone to share my latest projects and house updates with all of you. I started this re-branding and new web design process last Christmas Eve (seriously) and after months and months of waiting for all the pieces to come together, it is finally go time, and I cannot wait to show you around!


My ultimate goal was to have a modern, fresh, and simple site that was pleasurable to read and easy to navigate. Trying to keep the fancy web functions to a minimum, I decided to stick with the same general layout as my old site (but with some major updates!). I like the blog feed front and center on the main page at all times, so you will always be able to find the latest projects right here when you click onto the site! Things will continue to be updated a bit over the coming weeks, but for now, I am loving the ad-free, clutter-free design!

The Homes I Have Made Main Page

Over on the side bar, I’ve cleared way some of the mess and added some simple new category buttons so you can find round-ups of just what you’re looking for with a single click. Also, I have a NEW subscription feed, so if you prefer to receive my latest posts in your email inbox, be sure to subscribe over on the side bar. (Note: if you have already subscribed via email in the past, you need to do it again, as I’m using a new service!)


While the front page looks and functions similar to my previous site, the biggest changes are in what lies on the other pages! This site is all about the homes i have made, so I wanted new and returning readers to be able to see our home tours quickly and easily! My Our Homes page now has beautiful full-screen shots of all our past homes, and I will update the Kansas home tour throughout the year as we make updates!

The Homes I Have Made Home Tours


Of all the fancy upgrades and improved functionalities now implemented, my very favorite new elements on this site are the Project Galleries! I worked hard with my site designer to make clean and easy-to-navigate project galleries so all my past projects are easy to find and enjoy! Having now combed my way through almost all of my past content, there are some true project gems in there, so I highly encourage you poke around and catch up on things you may have missed!

The Homes I Have Made Project Gallery


Also new to the site is a Shop where all my Magnetic Menu Board and Recipe Organization templates are for sale as immediate downloads. One of my goals for this year is to expand this shop with more organization resources and decor products so stay tuned for that!

The Homes I Have Made Shop


One of the biggest hurdles of this transition was switching over from Blogger to WordPress. While I certainly didn’t take the easy way around, it’s a process not for the faint of heart, and I strongly encourage bloggers who are thinking about making the switch to hire help (I have an EXCELLENT person to help you if you need it! Just email me for the info!) Now that the switch is made, I am smitten with the increased capabilities of the WordPress platform, and if you’re on Blogger and thinking about switching, I highly recommend it!

On that note, be sure  on your Bookmarks page and/or in your rss feeds/readers, you have the correct url to be directed to this new site appropriately: http://thehomesihavemade.com/ If you read  my site on Feedly, follow and get the latest content here! (I’m still working out some issues with my Bloglovin feed, hope to have it up and running here soon!)

The Homes I Have Made

This branding and site overhaul has been a pretty big deal for me (just ask my husband about the sleepless nights and endless talk about it!) I invested a lot of money and a lot of time getting a professional and functional site up and running because I am just so passionate about what I do here. I LOVE decorating my home, I LOVE coming up with renter-friendly solutions, I LOVE inspiring other renters and military spouses to decorate their home no matter where they are or for how long, and I LOVE sharing every last bit with you all here.

I am SO passionate about the content I create here that I really want to get it in front of even MORE people…so I’m asking for your help! If you love my site, love me, and/or love what I do here…can you help me spread the word? Share my link on your Facebook page, email my site to friends or family who you think may love it, tweet and pin and share my articles when you see something you love (I even have new buttons down at the bottom of every post to help you share more easily!) Help me inspire more military spouses, renters, and homemakers to create a home they love no matter where they are in life or on the globe…

THIHM Amazon Giveaway
So many of you, my readers, are incredibly supportive of me and everything I do here. As a way to say ‘thank you’ for your support, your patience, and your dedication to this blog (AND for helping spread the word about my new site), I’m giving away one $100 gift card to Amazon.com. This isn’t sponsored, this isn’t a partnership. This is just me saying THANK YOU for reading, thank you for sharing, and thank you for encouraging me to create, maintain and improve this little space of mine.

Use the Rafflecopter widget below to enter the giveaway, which ends Sunday night!


a Rafflecopter giveaway


I can’t even begin to tell you the relief I feel having tackled this blog transition/update. While I have some more tinkering to do in the coming weeks, the hard part is over (gosh, I hope!), and it is (finally!) time to get back to the projects (my sewing machine has been calling my name!) and regular posting! I’ll see you back here Friday with some of the stuff I have been able to work over the last few weeks…until then, I’d love to know…what do you think of the new site??? See you back here Friday, friends! Megan

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42 Responses to Welcome to the All-New The Homes I Have Made!

  1. The project gallery is my favorite new feature although I love to read the blog posts so glad they’re still front and center! Best of luck with your re-branding!

  2. I love the overall look of your new site! The colors are so vibrant. I clicked here first thing this morning to check it out! Great job.

  3. I have only recently found your blog and I must say it is now one of my favorites. I love the stripped wall that you have done to this new place. Congrats on the move to word press

  4. I love the new project gallery look! Your blog is such an inspiration to us serial renters burned out by constantly having to redecorate!

  5. It all looks great & my favorite part is that no pop-ups are delaying the site anymore!! Instant gratification.

    I have no idea how to use the drawing thingamajig.

  6. I love the new site! Love the project gallery and the home tours. The fun and clean look is great! So easy to navigate!

  7. Looks great, Megan! I had a quick look around…and had to search for the comments link. I know formatting can be a bitch on wordpress, so you might consider a link in your body copy. Most people won’t look as hard as some others of us!

  8. I’m incredibly impressed! The site doesn’t feel overwhelming like others I’ve visited, but rather organized, professional, and clean. Great job! You are going to SOAR with this new update!!

  9. I like the white background. I love that nothing is competing for my attention while I am looking at pretty pictures. It looks fantastic. And to me it is so you!

  10. Your new site looks great! I just love the clean lines and all the organized content on the right hand side. Way to go!

  11. I love so much about your new site! You have such great content and your photography is getting so great – I love that your new site design is letting all that shine. I think my favorite new changes are the categories section of the sidebar – those bright circles really grab your attention! Also I really like how you did the titles for your “pinterest” pictures. I love the transparent rectangle with the black sans serif font. The handwriting font you were using before was often hard to read. Congrats on your new site design!

    • I forgot to mention that something funky is going on with your top menu bar – the white text is like off of the blue bar, and on the right side it overlaps with your white social media icons. I’m using chrome and it seems to be just when I’m using bloglovin’and not when I go directly to your site. Just wanted to let you know!

  12. I’ve been checking often to see when your next post/new site would be live. Looks so clean and fresh. Happy you are VISIBLY “back to work” on this site.

  13. So glad you’re back! The new site looks amazing. I especially love the colors, they reflect your decorating style!

  14. Congratulations on your new site! I can’t believe how much you have gotten done since your move. I’m usually just finding the winter clothes at this point…..

  15. I love the crispness of your logo and the organization! I also like to see you pic and intro ont the front page.

    Lreally like your blog- found it they one of your posts on I ❤️ Organizing. Good, practical info and great design!

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