Little Updates in the Family Room

For those of you who have been reading for a while, you might recall the one room in our house that has given me the most trouble has been the heart of our home: the family room. Why is it that the most used room is always the hardest to pull together? This room has gone in lots of different directions and had lots of different looks in the 2+ years we’ve lived here…and while I love the projects and progress made in this space, it still doesn’t feel quite right or done to me. I’ve  made a bunch of updates lately that I keep thinking I’ll show you when I do the final room reveal. But I’m starting to think this room will never really be “done,” so I figured I’d give you a mini tour of the room now and the updates I’ve made in recent days/weeks/months!

Here’s the room as of yesterday…there’s something about the light this time of year…it just makes everything in this space look so bright and fresh! I love it!

Main Room Quick Updates-001

I’ve recently showed you a few updates to this room, namely my plant stands, new lamps, brass hardware, and acrylic tray

Main Room Quick Updates-002

…but there have been some smaller, more subtle, updates in here that don’t quite deserve their own post but I want to show you all the same!

Like my vintage brass winged bowl that now holds our coasters…

Main Room Quick Updates-003

…and this gorgeous watercolor/lucite box that now holds all of our remote controls…

Main Room Quick Updates-004

The most recent addition (as of this past weekend!) was this new arrangement of artwork over in the play area. This little spot used to hold Henry’s Magnetic Learning Station, which unfortunately was under-used and taking up precious wallspace. In an effort to de-clutter and improve function in the playroom AND get my new art up on the walls, the magnet board came down (and has since been re-purposed!) and this arrangement went up. I am LOVING that strong jolt of color on that far wall and the way the colors play off his toys and accessories!

Main Room Quick Updates-005

Main Room Quick Updates-006

Our diagonal entryway wall got a few updates this past summer, my favorite of which is my new owl planter that I got for 50% off. Oh gosh – I just love him!

Main Room Quick Updates-007

I also finally hung a piece of glass we got custom made and engraved with our last name when we lived in Okinawa…oh…7 years ago! It has a really strange mounting mechanism that prevented us from hanging it before. Once I had the idea to mount it to a wall plaque before hanging it on the wall, this baby was up in no time! How great that the colors I selected at random years ago work so well in our house! I guess when you really love a color combo, it sticks 😉 I also picked up a colorful box from Target on clearance back over the summer that tie all our house colors together. And the cloche was a find from my parents’ basement. #everythingoldisnewagain. Gosh darn it though, I cannot find the right thing to go in it!

Main Room Quick Updates-008

This wall is still one of my favorite spots in our house!

Main Room Quick Updates-009

Over on the bookshelf behind the front door, I placed my turquoise bulldog bookends that my Dad gifted me for helping clean out the house all summer. Pretty sure he thought I was crazy when I picked them out at a local store. Imagine my delight when I saw them featured on Joss & Main two weeks later – sold out!

Main Room Quick Updates-010

So those are a few updates I’ve made to the space since you saw it last. Baby step by baby step it is coming together and it’s inching closer to “done”….although I really can’t put my finger on what is nagging me so much about this space…even as I sit here and look at the photos. I absolutely love the single elements and projects here, but I just can’t help but feel like a big tie-it-all-together element is missing. My instinct is it’s the window treatments. I love those cornice boxes but I’ve always felt like patterned drapes are the missing piece to this puzzle. With less than a year left in this house, I’m not making new window treatments now, but that’s my hunch!

Main Room Quick Updates-011

What do you think? Does this room feel complete or is something missing? If so, what? It’s driving me craaaazzzyy!!! Help!


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4 Responses to Little Updates in the Family Room

  1. I think you did a great job on your room! We only get to see so much of the space in a pic but my eyes keep falling back to the sofa. It is definitely the anchor peice but there doesn't seem to be something to draw the eye back up. Either way, I always love your room reveals.

  2. What did you use for the images on the front of your turquoise storage boxes? I had used vinyl to cut out icons so my kids would know what goes where… Yeah that lasted about a month

  3. Hi! I'm also a renter and I want to hang picture frames in our walls but I'm scared it will leave marks. Any tips on walk arts that won't leave marks? Thanks. All your pictures are lovely

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