Too Many Stripes?

So…I think I have a thing for stripes! Have you noticed? Because I kinda didn’t. You’d think since I am the main person doing most of the decorating, painting and projects in our home (not to mention photographing and editing images of each space!), I would realize that stripes have permeated their way into each and every room of our house…but I hadn’t…not until recently!

As I was working on the office makeover, adding some stripes to the desk, the curtains and the bulletin board, it occurred to me that I’ve been doing a lot of striped projects. That prompted me to walk around the house and take note of everything with stripes. A quick tally, and even I was surprised! That led me to wonder: can a house have too many stripes? Let me give you a quick tour of my Striped Home and you can decide for yourself!

The “stripe addiction” began with our entryway/playroom/living room. We painted this monster-of-a-room with 12″ horizontal stripes (all the way around the room) before we even moved in. We’ve loved them from the minute we took the tape off, and the stripes elicit the biggest “wow” from guests as they come in the front door.

Too Many Stripes-002

Too Many Stripes-003

The laundry room is off of the living room (above), so it only seemed natural to carry the striped theme all the way through. This blue and white striped curtain is one of my favorite things in the entire house! It gives this tiny-but-hardworking room a majorly preppy punch of pizzazz!

Too Many Stripes-006

Henry’s room was also given a stripe treatment, also before we moved in. We opted for a green ceiling with vertical neutral stripes. We love the playful feel that will easily transition from baby to toddler to little boy.

Too Many Stripes-004

Too Many Stripes-005

Stripes were also included in the soft and neutral textiles in the master bedroom. Just enough masculinity to balance out the soft colors and floral headboard!

Too Many Stripes-007

Most recently, I gave the office a makeover…and in it went a striped desk treatment, stripe-edged curtains, and a striped bulletin board. While a lot of stripes, they all work so harmoniously together!

Too Many Stripes-008

Too Many Stripes-009

Too Many Stripes-010

Even the outside of our house hasn’t escaped some stripe love! This outdoor “rug” was one of my favorite summer projects and brought so much life to our front stoop.

Too Many Stripes-011

And these simple black and white lumbar pillows on our Fall Porch brought a touch of class to an otherwise simple space.

Too Many Stripes-012

Yikes, I know, right?!? Like I said, I guess I have a thing for stripes. And I really shouldn’t be surprised, because if I look through many of my inspiration images on Pinterest, a ton of them have stripes. Something about the contrast, preppy-ness, and classic feel get me every time!

Too Many Stripes-001

Our local Tour of Homes, of which I am on again this year, is on Friday. Eek!!! I am most likely currently running around with hot glue, glitter and ribbon in my hands trying to get everything done. I hope to start getting pictures of our 2013 Holiday Home up here soon, so come back to see me later this week!


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2 Responses to Too Many Stripes?

  1. Hey Megan! I haven't commented for a long time, but I still read every post and of course I absolutely love all of your projects. Especially the front porch, so pretty!
    I don't think you have too many stripes at all..I love the contrast in colors and patterns. I wish I had your ability to pull a room together!
    I'm so looking forward to seeing your Christmas decorations. I may or may not have gone a tad overboard with decorating this year. Less is more?
    Nah 🙂

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