DIY Dry Erase Labels

Over the last few weeks, I’ve been working really hard on making our Craft Room/Office into a fun, vibrant, functional, and organized place to work and create! Aside from the “pretty projects” like the gold polka dot wall and new turquoise stools, I’ve also been tirelessly purging and sorting and arranging and re-arranging all of our craft and office supplies to really make this room function perfectly! I’m not quite ready to show you all my organizing solutions for this space just yet, but did want to pop on to show you these quick, easy, and super cute dry-erase labels I just made!

I am all about organizing in baskets–they work really well for my family. I like that everything has its  own place, and clean-up is a breeze because you can literally just throw stuff right in them! I am a fan of baskets over clear containers because I don’t like to see the clutter held within. Because baskets are often not see-through, the essential part of using baskets successfully is having them labeled! These are baskets from Target (the extra large size that they no longer carry – boo!). We used to have toys stashed in them in the play room. I’ve been moving a ton of stuff around so stay tuned to see what we’ve done  in there! I brought these super durable baskets into the craft room to hold random supplies, but the red labels weren’t going to work in our turquoise, green and gold room! These labels were my quick and oh-so-cute solution!   (Pst – you can see some of my other basket labeling techniques here and here).

I started with some turquoise and white card stock from my stash. Using a Big Shot with circle framelets, I cut a bunch of circles. The white circles measure about 2″ and the blue are about 3.5.”

I then pulled out some turquoise-striped washi tape (also from Target), and stretched a length across both the top and bottom of the white circles.

I then trimmed down the tape with a scissors to match the curve of the circle.

Next, I used roller adhesive to secure the white circles to the blue circles.

I could have just labeled the white areas here, but I wanted the labels to be dry erase so I can change them up as needed! My key to making items dry erase: a laminator! I laminated the circle labels four at a time and then re-cut them out with scissors.

My final supply for these labels is one of my all-time favorite DIY tools: adhesive-backed Velcro. The kind I have has very strong sticky adhesive on BOTH sides of the Velcro. I simply cut the Velcro into squares. One side was adhered to the basket, the other side was adhered to the back of the label.

Once I determined what all was going in my baskets, I wrote on all the labels with a dry erase marker.

I then secured the label to the basket and filled them up!

I’m not quite ready to give you the full organizational tour, but here’s a quick peak at all the baskets filled, labeled and stored!

These little details really make a room for me. After all, there’s no point in a room looking pretty if you can’t find anything. I love that these labels were quick to make and add such a fun pop of color to our otherwise bland and boring closet!

I’ll be back later this week with a quick and cute kitchen update! Until then, have a great start to your week!


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8 Responses to DIY Dry Erase Labels

  1. When I saw you had blue and white circles I right away said. Oh you must have used washi tape. lol I guess I must be reading too many blogs with washi tape. When I get down to the details of doing my organization I want to use some too. I lied in bed thinking of how I was going to redo an old jewelry box of mine. Now that I think about it..washi tape will be perfect for the little drawers. I keep on telling myself. Just a little each day and it will get done. Thanks for sharing! P.S. I'm asking for a laminator for my birthday.

  2. Hi Megan! LOVE these labels and do I ever need to make some! Thank you so much for joining us and sharing your great projects at Best of the Weekend. We love having you party with us! Pinning to our party board and sharing these labels on my FB page tomorrow. Have a happy Sunday, great week and see you next Friday! 🙂

  3. I was wondering if this works with wet erase markers as well? My cat likes to brush up against our baskets and I can just see her erasing all the words! Also, have you ever used the industrial velcro on wicker/wood baskets? Does it hold up as well?

    Thanks so much, these turned out really cute an might be the perfect solution for me!

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