Winter Around the House {Welcome 2013!!}

 Happy 2013 everyone! 

I hope you all had a wonderful and relaxing holiday season and a very Happy New Year! I’ve spent the past week or so cleaning up Christmas, working on some items for my Etsy shop, reflecting on the year gone by, and hoping and planing for the year to come. I always love the freshness and newness of the New Year, and I am brimming with hope, optimism, and plans for 2013. In many ways, the coming year will be a tough one for our family, but I am also excited about growing my little blog and really settling into life in our new community. I have so many thoughts, hopes, dreams, plans and ideas for the coming months that I don’t think I could eloquently spit them out this minute…but I will be sure to keep you in the loop as things develop! In the meantime, let’s chat winter!

I am always very eager to get Christmas put away. I know there are 12 days of Christmas, and the holiday “technically” didn’t end until yesterday (The Epiphany). However, I’ve been slowly breaking Christmas down since the weekend after Christmas. I so very much enjoy how clutter free, crisp and light the house feels with everything down and boxed back up; and once the New Year rolls around, I am ready for a change of scenery.

I don’t know about you, but I am not ready to put my Valentine’s Day decor up. Jeesh – I feel like I have barely caught my breath from Christmas, and the store aisles are filled with all the red and pink heart-themed stuff already! So, this year, I am easing the transition from Christmas to Valentine’s Day with some very simple winter decor.  Here’s a glance at our winter-themed “mantel”…

Craving cleanliness and simplicity after the holidays, I decided to keep things very, very simple…especially on top.

Our winter mantel was inspired by this new wreath! I scored it at Target on Clearance for $4 (well, it was marked down to $14 and I had a $10 off coupon!). I couldn’t resist it.

Then using the big vase and branches from our holiday decor, I just added some white branches and pearls to give it a more wintery look.

Our glittery reindeer (my favorite new holiday decor items from this year!) got to stay out a few extra weeks. I just love these little guys. To round out the top display, I just picked a bunch of pinecones out of my neighbors yard and stacked them on a mini stand.

I removed all the red accessories from Christmas and added in some simple white ones for this transition season.

I added some simple beads and balls to a few glass and metal containers for a bit of sparkle and glam. I love how the white and mirrored balls look like snowballs!

A few white snowflake candleholders and a snowy white owl complete the ensemble!

I think I’ve said this before, but I’m gonna say it again. This little spot right inside our front door is my FAVORITE spot in our whole house. I love the way the wall and the hutch and the mirror all came together with the rug and lamp. I love accessorizing this space for each season. I feel like this little spot is the most “done” and “me” corner of our entire house! (There I am! peek-a-boo!)

Now for outside. Like inside, all the Christmas decor got put away, but I wasn’t quite ready to put my Valentine’s Day stuff up yet. Instead of leaving my door blank, I pulled together this cute wreath during naptime the other day. I started by wrapping a wreath form I had with some strips of white fleece. I then pinned 5 blue felt snowflakes (purchased last year from JoAnn’s) in a circle. I then added the silver snowflakes (they are embroidered snowflake ornaments that my mom made me!) on top of the blue ones. Lastly, I made a quick bow with some blue snowflake ribbon that I also had in my stash. This wreath cost me nothing to make, and it can come apart pretty quickly because everything is just pinned right on!

Two of my mini trees from my inside decor were still holding strong so I swapped out their buckets for these cute turquoise ones I had leftover from the Monster Birthday Party!

I placed one tree on either side of our door. The pop of blue is just what I need on these cold, dreary wintery days!

To finish out our porch, I replaced our ornament pillow cover with another cover I made using some more of those felt snowflakes. I just ironed them onto some white fabric using Ultra Strong Heat’n’Bond and sewed an envelope backing for easy on and off!

And there you have it! Some very quick and very fresh “transitional” decor, perfect for the season! What about you? Have you put all your Christmas stuff away yet? What do you do for the period between Christmas and Valentine’s Day?

I know I promised some big “room reveals” after the New Year (and this isn’t quite that 😉 I’ll have my first one up for you on Friday, but be sure to check back on Wednesday for a fun announcement! See you then!


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2 Responses to Winter Around the House {Welcome 2013!!}

  1. I'm a sinner! I covet your red bench. lol I'll just have to find my own. It wouldn't fit in my kitchen, but I have a mustard yellow kitchen with red,green and blue accents from European influences. My parents are from Sweden and I've gotten wonderful stuff through out the years.

  2. I HAVE to know, why is there a brick in the middle of your bookcase? Sigh, I know, I'm a terrible Type-A person. You show me all this inspiring loveliness and I ask about a brick?! 🙂

    I've pinned all your "mantel" projects to have for inspiration for our next move (we've only got 3 months left in this home and I've got pre-move decorating fatigue). You are certainly a lot more pulled together than I was at that stage of our military career!

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